The Ups and Downs of a Breastfeeding Superhero…

Last week, my three year old asked me if breastfeeding was my superpower.

I decided to nurse my two sons because of the many benefits associated with breastfeeding – passing on maternal immunities to disease, promoting brain growth and development, dropping the pregnancy weight, and swiftly creating a tight emotional connection. I had a goal to breastfeed my first son for his first year of life, and anything afterwards would be bonus donuts. He ended up nursing for 17 months and then self-weaned. Currently, I have a two month old and our nursing relationship is very different from his brother’s.

Style of Nursing

  • Son #1 – Barracuda Baby. He latched on immediately, gulped down his meal, and was finished in 10 minutes or less.
  • Son #2 – The Social Snacker. He is content to eat for a few minutes, take a break by smiling and cooing up at me, wait for me to get dressed again, and then demand more milk. I feel like I’m naked a lot more, and nursing takes forever since it occurs in interval clusters.

Breastfeeding 1

Breastfeeding in Public

  • Son #1 – I nursed him in public only when I absolutely had no other option. I preferred to nurse in my happy little bedroom bubble, with a nursing pillow and water plus a snack nearby.
  • Son #2 – This time around I will nurse anywhere and everywhere, out of necessity. His big brother is on the move so nursing at home in a quiet space is rare. I make it work, but the times I can nurse all alone are heavenly.

Breastfeeding 2

Nursing Positions

  • Son #1 – My first breastfed in the same cross-cradle nursing position every single time he ate. He got down to business and wanted to do it in the exact same way.
  • Son #2 – This guy prefers me trying every position known to man. Just when I think I’ve figured out which way he likes to eat the best, he switches it up on me. This may be due to his brother wanting to be on top of him at all times giving him hugs and kisses or alternatively slapping his face or grabbing his head to get my attention. Currently, he likes laid-back breastfeeding where he lays his whole body over my whole front (I think he feels more protected that way.)

I know I’m still early into my breastfeeding relationship with number two, but I think we will be able to make it to my one year goal. Nursing can be stressful and exhausting since I’m the only source of food for my child (unless I pump, which is a whole other post), but I mostly love it. I hadn’t thought of being a superhero, but keeping a human alive strictly using my body is an awesome superpower. My three year old was impressed, anyway.

Leslie Walbolt
Leslie has lived in Seminole for three years now, following moves from South Florida and Philadelphia due to her clergy husband’s career. An attorney in a former life, she is now a stay-at-home mom to two boys - an energetic four year old and a huggable one year old. Most of her time is spent chasing down (she means playing with) her two littles on playgrounds, during church services, and pretty much everywhere else (they're fast runners). Leslie loves to travel, work on her fitness at the local YMCA, and catch up on movies and books whenever possible. When she finds a free moment, she enjoys writing for her Growing a Kid blog, found at It follows the ups and downs of her life.


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