Egads- I’m the Mother of a Tween!


Tween, Mom, and Phone

I didn’t want to admit it. I tried to ignore it. Then the evidence piled up until I had no choice but to acknowledge it. My daughter is officially a tween! Here are a pieces of incontrovertible evidence, courtroom style.

Exhibit 1

She started caring, really caring, about pop music. She has favorite radio stations for in my car. She not only knows the songs but knows the musicians names and who they’re dating.

Exhibit 2

She asked for a blowdryer and flat iron for Christmas. Specific ones she had seen at Justice. Which brings me to…

Exhibit 3

Justice. Or, the mall in general. She can spend hours just browsing at the mall. There are definitely preferred stores and they aren’t all toy stores.

Exhibit 4

She’s using the phone to actually communicate with friends. Not just playing games or taking pictures. She’s talking and texting.

Fortunately I was prepared (as prepared as possible anyway) for this phase. We’ve had lots of talks about body stuff like health and hygiene. Phone use, digital presence, online safety, and bullying are all things we’ve covered and covered again and will continue to cover.

While I worry, I’m also enjoying the fun of having a tween. My daughter and I have a lot of fun together. Plus, it’s not a bad thing for me to brush up on new music, right?