I Am A Horrible Parent – Just Ask My Toddler

Today started off normal enough – breakfast, feeding horses with my toddler, and watching the new Disney princess. Then we went to have some blood work done. Well, you would think it would be the actual blood drawing process that wiped us out, but no – it was the 45-minute wait with a toddler having near cataclysmic meltdowns in the lobby stemming from me not allowing him to shove the keys in his mouth to the point of gagging. Not allowing him to put “Sharky” on the biohazard cabinet in the bathroom. Not having the right cookies in my purse (mind you, this is what he is currently calling ALL food, so if you can figure out what it is he wants, you get the gold star). To the folks at the Plant City Quest who were witness to this, I apologize. I apologize for today being the day I screw it all up – especially after finding out we were at the wrong lab.

Then off to Aldi’s we went. It will be quick, I thought; it will be easy, I thought. From the meltdown in the parking lot (because I wouldn’t let him run into traffic and he had to hold my hand), to the one at the checkout because I wouldn’t let him: a) eat three, full-size Snickers bars and b) open all of the energy drinks, it was not quick or easy. We headed home, where I quickly realized the two items we really needed from the store were forgotten in the midst of tantrums.

After a brief nap, we were up and right back to throwing fits because the marshmallow was sticky after he licked it. He gave the dog his snack and she actually ate it, so it was of course my fault and resulted in tantrum. No, you cannot eat dog food or the dust bunny on the floor. Yes, you do actually need to wash the soap off your hands. No, you cannot eat crushed red pepper or raw turkey while I’m making dinner. No, I am not giving into the natives – you will poop on the toilet or so help me God! We both know you have to do it, and I will not give in and put a pull-up on you so you can pop a squat in the corner than come to me and say, “Done!”

Today was just one of those days. I know my son has SPD and there will be good days and bad, but apparently he was having a fine day – it was me who was screwing it all up.

Ashley is mom to a literal three ring circus. Between her wife of 13 years, their 3 year old son, 8 horses, too many me (2)dogs to count, goats, chickens, cats and her recent stint as a foster parent, there is always something going on. Less urgent care visits than one would assume, Ashley is typically found around her and her partner’s farm where Ashley teaches horseback riding lessons. Their son T is a handful of all American boy who has had therapy since nearly day one for SPD and other spectrum issues. Ashley also blogs at http://trainahorsetrainahuman.com.