When It’s Time to Wean Your Toddler: Creative Techniques to Be Successful

Creative weaning

When it’s time to wean your toddler it’s good to read about different techniques. Every mother’s breastfeeding relationship with their child is different and finding the right path means you may need to get creative. Here are some tried and some not-so-true weaning suggestions:

  • Calmly explain to your toddler mamas milk is going bye-bye. 
  • Reduce nursing sessions over several days. 
  • Serve cow or nut milk in a festive cup with a little colorful umbrella. 
  • Apply band-aids to your nipples. Then wrap your chest in an ace bandage. Follow that with a tight tank top. Followed by a t-shirt and finish up with a sweater. 
  • If you can get your hands on a stainless steel bra with a key that’s suggested. 
  • Simply offer other foods such as yogurt or applesauce. Then change your shirt after they have thrown said food at you and nurse anyway. 
  • Let dad put the baby to sleep at bedtime. Until he can’t put up with the crying anymore and you have to do it anyway. 
  • Hire a lawyer. 

Weaning in progress 

Alright, I may have never weaned a toddler before but it is on my horizon. My ferocious and strong-willed 2-year-old daughter doesn’t know it yet but I am going to wean her in the next few months. We have been lucky since the first latch and breastfeeding came easily to her. I never imagined myself nursing a toddler but that’s how our path went and I wouldn’t change a thing. Besides it naturally continuing I thought that weaning at an older age would be smoother. She would be able to understand better. I was right, she can understand better… she can also argue and fight better too. 

Onto big girl cups 

From experience with other parenting areas, patience and consistency will be key. The idea of gentle weaning is alluring but also from other parenting areas doesn’t seem likely, at least with my daughter. If it’s time to wean your toddler or is on your horizon or you’re a weaning professional; I am open to some of your creative ideas, encouraging words and I won’t be turning down any wine recommendations.