Alisha dos Santos

An adventure-seeking mom, Alisha is constantly pursuing new experiences to feed her adventurous soul and encourage a courageous spirit in her two young kids. When she's not out adventuring with her family, she's juggling real estate and marketing communications consulting businesses from her home office in Lutz. When life gets hectic, she finds peace on her paddleboard. Growing up in Pittsburgh, Pa., she always dreamed of living by the water and eagerly dove into the Florida lifestyle in her college years. Join Alisha on a journey to live an adventurous life as a mom at
nine months pregnant with baby no. 2

All I Want To Do at Nine Months Pregnant with Baby No. 2

As much as I want to meet my daughter, I can’t help but want to hold on to these final days of pregnancy. Despite the discomfort of being nine months pregnant during late summer...

Learning To Like Play Dough (Overcoming My Silly Mom Fear)

Maybe it’s because I’m a realtor and borderline neat freak, but I never wanted my son to know play dough existed. The thought of it being smushed into the carpet or squished into tiny...
Rocking Chair Tunes

Rocking Chair Tunes: A Non-Traditional Lullaby Playlist

It’s been a few years since 3 a.m. feedings and rocking my son to sleep with Pandora playing lullabies in the background. Back then, my favorite song to sing to him was the sweet little...

What To Expect When Daddy Goes on a Business Trip

We recently had our first experience with daddy traveling on a business trip. I wasn't sure what to expect when my three year old waited all night for daddy to come home from work to...
moving your kids to a new house

Smooth Moving with Kids: Easing the Transition

So you've decided to buy a new home. After lots of searching, you've finally found the perfect house for your growing family. As you prepare for the move, you're excited about your family's future and...
harder second pregnancy

Getting Over The Second Pregnancy Slump

Maybe it’s the combination of growing a baby while chasing a three-year-old. Maybe it has to do with the baby’s gender. Or just getting older. I’m not sure of the cause but my second pregnancy...
Sweetfields Farm sunflower fields

Get Lost in a Maze of Sunflowers at Sweetfields Farm

Sunflowers have long been admired for their beauty and happy disposition. With their bright yellow petals also known as rays, sunflowers always cheer me up and remind me of the warm Florida sun. If you...
12 Questions for the Home Buying Mom

12 Questions for the House Hunting Momma

Most moms dream about their perfect house. For me, it’s a cozy retreat with a big wrap-around porch overlooking a lake. It never gets messy and is perfectly decorated with unique vintage finds. While our...
Train ride at the Florida Railroad Museum

Train Excursions Await at the Florida Railroad Museum

If you have a little locomotive engineer like I do, you're sure to find that a weekend train excursion at the Florida Railroad Museum is well worth the drive to rural Manatee County. When you arrive in...
spreading sunshine teaching kindness to kids

Spreading Sunshine: Teaching Kindness to Kids

I have a dear friend, Rachel, who is the kindest, friendliest soul I’ve ever known. Friends describe her as sunshine, and appropriately, she loves sunflowers, which are almost as bright and beautiful as her...