Amanda Colon

Amanda is a Wife, Mother and Step-Mother of three girls (and a Doberman), Board Certified Marital and Family Law Attorney, Florida Supreme Court Certified Mediator, Parenting Coordinator, and Business Owner. When not running to court, the office, lacrosse, ballet or tutoring, sometimes she can also be found at Publix or Target. Amanda passionately supports the PACE Center for Girls, Inc. and has been proud to serve PACE Center for Girls - Pasco as a Board member and past Chair for the last five years.
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How to Have a Gentler, More Cost Effective Divorce with Collaborative Law

It’s time... You have given it a lot of thought, done the work in counseling, and you have decided it’s time to divorce. The idea of a court battle over children or finances can be...
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How to Teach Your Kids to be Disagreeable

No More Middle-Ground... There seems to be a lost art in our culture in recent years - the skill of being disagreeable, without being rude, condescending, or hurtful. It’s difficult to watch the “news” or...

Here’s What Your Family Law Attorney Should Be Telling You

During a difficult time, it's important you have the right team guiding you through the process. Here's what your family law attorney should be telling you. It is unquestionably one of the worst times of...
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How I Brought Store-Bought Cookies to a Cookie Exchange

Store-bought Cookies I read an article on work-life balance the other day, written by a mom who is a working attorney. She wrote about the special moments she had missed in her children's lives, and...

Be Kind to Yourself “It’s Not That Deep, Boo!”

"It's not that deep, Boo!"  That's the mantra Cody Rigsby greets me with as I clip in for another ride. A mantra, my body and mind needs, but I am doubtful that I can sustain.  I...

Nonprofit Spotlight: PACE Center for Girls, Pasco

But for the grace of God... There are so many times in my life that I have had that thought in regard to myself, my family, my three girls. I see tragic events occur every...

A New Year & A New, Better Co-Parenting Relationship

A Fresh Start Everyone looks forward to the start of a new year. and the fresh start it implies. We set fitness goals, health goals, professional goals, and look forward to the next year with...

How to Better Navigate the Holidays Post-Divorce or Separation

What is normally a happy, satisfying, sentimental time of year can feel drastically different the year following a divorce or separation. Many people are anxious or sad when thinking of what "new" holidays will...

What’s a Bullet Journal and Why Should I Use One?

#BulletJournal – what?  I love my tech. My office is almost completely digital - iPhone, Apple Watch, MacBooks, Cloud servers, Cloud-based software, digital scanning, WiFi speakers, and a technologically-advanced electric vehicle. Our clients follow our...