Amanda Moran

Amanda graduated from East Stroudsburg University of Pennsylvania with her Bachelors of Science in Business Management. She is an honored member of Sigma Beta Delta. Amanda is a relatively new Floridian who moved here from Pennsylvania in 2017. While she definitely misses the seasons, she is getting acclimated to all the beach time Florida has to offer. Amanda has been with her loving husband Oscar for 16 years and in 2017 they welcomed their first baby boy (now almost 3). He truly is the joy of their lives and was diagnosed with Autism in 2019. In her limited spare time, Amanda enjoys making people laugh, cooking and spending quality time with her family and friends. When she isn’t chasing after her toddler or cleaning 500 dishes, Amanda works for The Walt Disney Company and she helps makes dreams come true by hiring top talent!

How to Manage Your In-Laws This Holiday Season

You know the time has come when there is a chill in the air (even in Florida from time to time). These last two years have been trying times, and very much unlike any...

You Can’t Pour From An Empty Cup 

As days seem to currently mesh together, I have come to determine during these hectic times, you can’t pour from an empty cup. I find myself asking a lot of questions. One being top...

Yes, Autism Changed Me

          April is Autism Awareness Month, but Autism Awareness is every day for us. My son Aiden was diagnosed with Autism at two years old and for the most part,...
Best Mother's Day Brunches in Tampa Bay

A Guide To Mother’s Day Brunch Around Tampa Bay

  Ahh, Mother's Day! The one day where the spotlight is on us. A "freebie day" if you will. The one thing that I look forward to are restaurants that offer Mother's Day brunch. It...

How Autism Changed Me

Autism & Change When I pictured having a family, I knew I only wanted a happy and healthy child. I envisioned my child to be conversational (being the factor that I seem to talk a...

When The Village Doesn’t Exist

Parenting is no walk in the park, we can all attest to that. Every parent needs support when they have their babies, so what do you do when the village doesn’t exist? From sleepless...
finger painting

7 Fun Sensory Activities For Toddlers

Have you more than ever, needed sensory fun and educational activities to keep your toddler busy? I know the feeling all too well! Having a toddler who won't sit still, is definitely challenging to...

Why Hope is So Important to Parents of Special Needs Kids

I've had a lot of sleep-deprived nights lately, as I am sure many of you are in the same boat. This new world we are living in is a scary place. As parents, we...

The Hardships of Mom Guilt

Hello Beautiful! Yes, I am talking about you! The mom who struggles with the hardships of mom guilt. A mom who never takes time for herself, but when she does feels guilty. The mom who...
cleaning bucket with cleaning supplies

Tips For Household Infection Prevention

Germs Ew! That is exactly how I feel on a daily basis. Due to my wonderful anxiety disorder, I have OCD about cleanliness and hand hygiene. I have learned some great tips for household...