Ashley is mom to a literal three ring circus. Between her wife of 13 years, their 3 year old son, 8 horses, too many me (2)dogs to count, goats, chickens, cats and her recent stint as a foster parent, there is always something going on. Less urgent care visits than one would assume, Ashley is typically found around her and her partner’s farm where Ashley teaches horseback riding lessons. Their son T is a handful of all American boy who has had therapy since nearly day one for SPD and other spectrum issues. Ashley also blogs at

Lessons from a (Nearly) Native Florida Gal for Dealing with Hurricane Season

If it’s your first hurricane season in Florida, or even if you have been here several years, please read this. Tampa Bay has not had a hurricane scare in a while, so everyone has been a little...

I Am A Horrible Parent – Just Ask My Toddler

Today started off normal enough - breakfast, feeding horses with my toddler, and watching the new Disney princess. Then we went to have some blood work done. Well, you would think it would be...

My 14 year response to How to Love Your Spouse

This is my interpretation of a writer’s contribution to How to Love My Husband. I do wonder how new their marriage is. Touch base with your spouse often: The original writer of this was meaning...

A Tampa Bay summer with a toddler? Help!

So I get it, we aren’t the normal situation. Most people with a 3 year old either have daycare established that can continue through the summer months, or have a stay at home component....

This Lesbians Guide to Infertility

Ahhh, infertility, our story of being a lesbian couple dealing with it. Our story starts sounding like a bad, ill-informed stereotype. We wanted children, so being two women; we went the seemingly easy route...

New to School?

New to being a parent of a school aged child? Whether pre-K or even a parent of a special needs kid who is new to the ELP program, you are not alone. This is...
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Adopting a child with SPD: The Hidden Gift

          So I am one of the lucky ones. I had always said, when we were trying to get pregnant that my main concern was spectrum issues. I was fearful of it. Not because...

New Year’s Resolutions version 2016

  New Year’s resolutions are the downfall of us as people. Most of us make these lofty goals on the 31st of the old year to basically transform into a better version of our previous...