Aubrie is a local high school teacher where she enjoys sharing her love of language and writing with hard-working students. When she is not teaching, she and her husband are busy with outdoor activities like golfing, mountain biking, yoga, jogging, exploring local parks, traveling, and enjoying nature. She and her husband have recently become pregnant after a miscarriage in early 2016. They are excited to meet their new baby girl and welcome the exciting challenges and lessons parenting will bring. Together, they hope to make some drastic life changes this year. Along with a new baby, they are looking to downsize and live more minimally in hopes of having more time and freedom to travel and explore the world with their growing family.
Pre-parenting tooth troubles

Pre-Parenting Tooth Troubles

Months before it was time to start trying for a family, I was reading dozens of parenting sites, blogs, and forums to ensure this journey is something my husband and I would not only...