Belina was a professionally signed dancer in Los Angeles, CA for several years. She has been a member of professional dance teams, as well as dance teams in the National Basketball Association and American Basketball Association and taught dance full time in the greater Los Angeles area. Belina has been in several national and international TV appearances where she has done commercials, music videos, talent competitions such as America's Got Talent, and America's Best Dance Crew, as well as print modeling. She is fluent in Albanian, Greek, and English. Belina is a graduate with Honors, earning a Bachelor of Arts degree in Communication Studies from California State University in Northridge. Having lived in the golden state of California for 16 years, my husband and I were excited to move to the sunshine state of Florida in 2017. We have been married since 2007, and waited 10 years until we decided to give our furry child a little human sibling. We are avid travelers and love to go on adventures. We’ve visited several countries in 5 different continents so far, and you better believe we started taking our daughter on trips at only 2 months old. Travel is our passion and we now love seeing our beautiful world through our daughter's eyes! I want to make moms feel confident that you too can take that bucket list trip with no kid left behind! After all, travel is the best form of education.

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