Bright calls Tampa home after spending 17 years in New York City. Originally from Atlanta, she graduated from FSU with a B.S. in Communications. Prior to a career in Motherhood, Bright worked in a Manhattan advertising agency, as well as a popular cable TV network in Promotions and Sponsorships. She also did Public Relations for a national urban ministry. Bright is now a stay-at-home mom who is married to her best everything, has four active kids and is passionate about moms! She recently joined the premium skincare line, Rodan + Fields as a consultant and launched her personal blog. She loves to play tennis, grab a coffee with friends, write to encourage others and unwind with a favorite TV show. You can get to know her better on Twitter, Instagram and Pinterest.

What Moms Really Want For Mother’s Day

Where would we be without our mothers? We obviously wouldn't be on this planet without them. For more than 100 years, Americans have celebrated Mother's Day thanks to the efforts of Anna Jarvis who in...

10 Signs You’re A Distracted Driver

April is Distracted Driving Month. Can you believe as a society we have a month dedicated to such a cause? It's pretty pathetic we need reminders to pay attention while driving, but we obviously do. I...

Fifty Shades for Everyday Moms

Whether or not you like the book and now movie, Fifty Shades of Grey, this isn't a post or personal endorsement of the book. In fact, I've yet to finish the first book. Instead,...

Mind Your Manners – Five Tips To Teach Kids Good Manners

I'm stating the obvious, but parents are the number one teacher in their child's life. Our kids are sponges and they absorb what we say, and what we do. When we teach our kids...

To Organize or To “Diss” Organize: 5 Tips to Tame the Clutter

Stacks of endless papers. Loads of never ending laundry. A sink full of perpetual dirty dishes. Bins of mismatched toys. Help! I'm an organized woman trapped in the body of a mom with four...

7 Mouth-Watering Holiday Cookies Recipes!

It's the first day of December. The holidays are upon us, which means tis' the season for baked goods, personal gifts and family traditions. In my home, the family tradition of Crescent Cookies is the official start...
halloween candy

Sugar Mayhem – 5 Sweet Ideas For Leftover Halloween Candy

Are you sick of it yet? The random candy wrappers found in odd places. The sugar-induced comas. The whining and negotiating for a piece of candy every hour. Or worse, the temptation to dig...

Clutter Bug To Curator – Tips To Tackle Your Kids’ Artwork

Are you a clutter bug, a curator or do you fall somewhere in between? Do you have a routine in place as you sift through your child's homework folder? Do you toss artwork, save...

A Mom Without Margin

Stressed. Exhausted. Overwhelmed. Maxed-out. Overloaded. Just a few symptoms of a mom without margin in her life.  What is margin?  I'm not talking about the nice white border around a sheet of notebook paper, or...

Babysitter 411 – Tips To Find A Great Babysitter

It's inevitable. When you have kids, you'll need a babysitter. Whether it's a social event, a weeknight dinner out, or simply to run errands by yourself, babysitters are must-haves in our busy parenting lives. There are...