Brishen Pipenur

Brishen is originally from New York but has lived in Florida fourteen years which now means that she freezes when the temperature drops to 75 degrees. She's married to her best friend Kevin. They are cemented together through sarcasm and witty flirtations. Through God's grace, they are the parents to Declan (5) and Connell (2). They live with another couple, Jake who's 47, and Ellie is 36 according to The American Kennel Club. She is a stay at home mom though she is relentless in trying to escape the daily grind of laundry and bleaching EVERYTHING. She finds refuge in pilates and in helping others. She hosts an annual blessing bag party. Then with her family distributes the bags all over Tampa Bay. She is diligently trying to raise boys into men that will restore faith in humanity one kind act at a time. She thinks the key to life is not to take oneself too seriously. A sense of humor and a strong cup of coffee don't hurt either. Her suburban journey can be followed as on Instagram.

The Stain Remover That’s Saving My Life

The Stain Remover That’s Saving My Life People call me the “Queen Of Bleach” because my house is sterile. White on white on white. Just to give you an idea, here is my living room/kitchen. That...

What Mom REALLY Wants This Mother’s Day

What mom really wants this Mother’s Day. Hint hint, it’s not flowers! I’m a huge fan of the adage “it is better to give than to receive”. Every kid everywhere should be making something special...

Happy National Drink Wine Day

Other moms: “I’m running a 5k tomorrow morning so I can’t drink tonight.” Me: “I’m running to my grocery pickup in my air-conditioned car to have them load my online order into my trunk. Namely...

Why Not Strive to Just Be Your Selfie

Trout pout. Shameless. Duckface. Alonie. What do you visualize when you see those words? Does “selfie” come to mind? Me? Well, I’m a certifiable lurker. I see you. Posting those selfies of your beautiful...
apple pie jello shots

How to Make Delicious Apple Pie Jello Shots

Thanksgiving is fast approaching y’all so let's make some apple pie jello shots! Here are some things that I am thankful for: Our family Our health My friends But mostly I am thankful for my sister and...
boo-nana muffins

Spooky BOO-nana Muffins

Welcome to October, everyone! The time of the year where high leg bikini bottoms come to die. Hot girl summer is officially out. Allow me to introduce you to Average Autumn Mom. You’re gonna...

Modern Slang For My Mom Gang

DON’T STAN MY APPEARANCE Don’t stalk my body image. Boundaries are cool. Things that are off boundaries? Body shaming and judging appearances. Don’t judge a fellow mom friend for what she wears or how...
Book Covers for Thrilling Books

5 Thrilling Books To Binge Read This Summer

BOOKS TO BINGE READ THIS SUMMER WARNING: These books to binge read are strictly for adults. These are not bedtime stories and that’s exactly what makes them awesome.  Behind Her Eyes I’ve never been a fan...

Finding the Right Church for My Family: My Church Tinder Experience

Finding the right church for my family is a lot like looking for a husband on Tinder. The saying “you have to kiss a few frogs to find your prince” has never been more...

7 Slow Cooker Chicken “Recipes” For Even The Laziest Mom

There are plenty of things that you should NOT put into a crock pot. For example, a good steak. “How do you like your filet mignon my lady?” Because no one has ever answered...