Candace Evans

Candace is a former elementary school teacher and currently a full-time controller of chaos! A part time stay at home mom (if such a thing ever existed), she has two young children - a daughter, 7, and a son, 18 months. Candace loves writing, cooking, wine, cooking with wine, reading a good book, and spending time with her family. A Tampa native, born and raised on Davis Island, Candace currently lives in South Tampa with her husband, Matthew, and her two beautiful children.

The Hunger Games – Veggies with a Picky Three-Year-Old

As I was cooking my second separate dinner for the night, I thought to myself, “You said you’d never do this. What happened?” I’ve done this to myself, and honestly, I don’t know when...

Finding Harmony in Life Not Just Singing Competitions

I don’t know when it happened, but somewhere along the line, I turned into a real sap. I think it was right around the time I gave birth to my first child… but who...

“Lets Talk About Sex”: Having the Sex Talk with My Kids

If you’re reading this article for tips on how to have “the talk” with your kids, let me save you the trouble. This isn’t that article. I am not a parenting expert. I have...

Going Technology Free with My Kids

If you’d asked me ten years ago what kind of parent I would be, I wouldn’t have known what to say. I wasn’t one of those people who thought much about having kids… I...

Making It In Motherhood: Finding the Right Balance

Motherhood. The word means so many things to so many people. It is a broad term, and yet it really is so specific to each of us… Whether you wear PJ’s to school drop...
High Needs Baby

Congratulations, it’s a high needs baby!

My daughter, Sophia, was a “good” baby. I didn’t think so at the time. I remember feeling tired and overwhelmed. She struggled to latch on and breastfeeding was a constant challenge. My hormones were...
Tips for Traveling with Little Ones

Navigating the Friendly Skies – Tips for Traveling with Little Ones

I remember it like it was yesterday... Our first trip traveling with a little one – my mind was spinning as I poured a large glass of wine and sat down on the couch,...

Nonprofit Spotlight: Emmi Grace’s Angels

Monica and Ryan Angel are good people. They’re kind, they work hard, they obey the law, they pay taxes… they check all of the boxes of people who deserve only good. Good is what...
I Needed a Mommy Break and THAT'S OK

I Needed a Mommy Break and That’s OK

It's almost two in the afternoon. Reece has been napping for about an hour, which means I have another thirty minutes of quiet time. Yep, I get a full hour and a half that...
Teaching Kids to Give Back This Holiday Season

Teaching Kids to Give Back This Holiday Season

For so many parents, the holidays can be a stressful time of year... The doll your daughter wants is sold out on everywhere, your son is too cool to give you a list –...