Carrie S. synthesized her corporate expertise, educator background and passion as a mother to develop the award-winning Exploracise® program and Fun Wise™ Exercise methodology. Inspired by her two gifted and high-energy children, Aaron and Felicia, she created fun educational products and programs to help children develop a love of learning and healthy lifestyle. Carrie is married to Adam Scheiner M.D., world-renowned Laser Eyelid and Facial Plastic Surgeon, for more than 17 years and has lived in Tampa for over14 years. Find Carrie playing with kids around Tampa, sharing ideas on Facebook or Twitter, and developing new educational games at

The Blessing of Mistakes

The school year has begun. Everyone is falling into the daily routines of homework, making lunches, wearing their uniform or following the dress code. Our beautiful perfect children march smiling into our wonderful schools....

Getting Ready for High School

Sipping a cup of tea reminiscing my son’s first days of preschool and many other firsts brings back nostalgic memories, as I can hardly believe that in just one week is his first day...

Screen Time Tips with Teens

In today’s world, most of us are attached to a screen at all times. Many things we need for daily life include a screen such as a computer, tablet and mobile phone. How much...

Too Soon for a Cell Phone?

What do you think the right age should be for a child to have his or her own cell phone?  Technology today amazes me and children’s understanding of technology is even more amazing.  Yes,...

Time for a Walk – Walkability Day in Tampa Bay on May 3

How walkable is your community?  Do you regularly take a family stroll in your neighborhood?  Walking is a great family exercise that everyone can participate in together including the youngest of ages.  The Florida...

Things to do with Tweens/Teens on Spring Break

Spring Break is right around the corner and there are so many great activities for kids in the Tampa area.  Now that my kids are in their tween/teen years, the venues for fun definitely...

The Olympic Mindset

Hooray to Team USA participating in the Sochi 2014 Winter Olympics.  I absolutely love the winter games.  My favorite sport is the same as when I was a young girl dreaming of being a...
Date Night

Date Night Duo

Yes, it’s date night.  Get out the lacy underwear, heels, and memories of your life before kids.  Do you actually go out on a date night with your spouse at least once a month...
Tampa Christmas

Winter Break with Kids

The holidays are just days away and the kids will be home from school for two weeks.  Not sure what to do to keep your little ones entertained or even enriched during winter break? ...
admired jewelry

Unique Gifts from Tampa

As a mompreneur in Tampa, I have met many people developing their own creative products that are fabulous for holiday gifts.  I could write pages on all the innovative entrepreneurs in the Tampa Bay...