Charlee is a Tampa native and currently resides in Valrico with her two boys (ages 5 & 2), and husband, Ben. Charlee is a teacher by day, and recipe developer by mealtime. She loves being in the kitchen and propping her boys on the counter to assist as her sous chefs. She believes that involving her whole family in the process will foster healthy habits and an appreciation of where food comes from. Charlee has a food blog called Little Red Bird Kitchen where she posts recipes and the reactions of her little guys and big guy, too. Charlee enjoys reading, pinning, crafting, and finding tasty local eats. She loves glam vintage, wears Chuck Taylor Converse everyday, and rocks the bow tie. Visit her blog @ and follow her Instagram @CharleeChomps.
Life is short eat tacos

Here’s How to Get Dinner Done! {Turkey Tacos Recipe}

I love tacos. I could easily eat tacos every day (and have) if given the opportunity. My children love tacos, too. Tacos have made their way into my boys' hearts, and into my weekly...

What Autism Looks Like

As a mother, you tend to have a sixth sense about certain things when it comes to your children. When my oldest son, ABC, was just 6 weeks old, he was vomiting violently at...

Home Made Hot Cocoa Mix Recipe & More!

One of my favorite things to make for the holidays as gifts are home made hot cocoa mixes. This mix is very easy to put together and can last a couple of months, if...

Homemade Marshmallows

It's that time of year again where pumpkin spiced everything hits the shelves and overtakes the fall season. One of my favorite things to make this time of year are marshmallows, from scratch. Making...

ADHD: Deciding…Should I Medicate My Child?

I had taken my 6-year-old son to see a neurologist prior to school starting due to him having difficulty completing everyday tasks. It was exhausting to have to ask him to do the same...

Top 5 Diners and Dives: Brandon/Tampa Edition

I consider myself to know a thing or two about good food. I frequently am looking for local food and folks, who go out of their way to make it right. My three most...

A Parent’s Guide to Gluten Intolerances and Celiac Disease

The term Gluten Free is everywhere and our markets are saturated with products marked as Gluten Free. I know the thought of hearing or seeing the words Gluten Free or initials GF make you...

Behavior Bites Series #2: Routines, Rituals, and Development

BEHAVIOR BITES SERIES #2: Routines, Rituals, and Development   ROUTINES Every morning I start off doing the same thing: wake up, bathroom, coffee, get dressed, breakfast, get boys ready and fed, and walk out the door. This is...

Behavior Bites Series: #1 Be EXPLICIT with your children

The dreaded shopping cart. This cart always brings me back to a few years ago when my oldest son would flat out refuse to get into it. Not only did he refuse, but he...

Confessions of a Perfect Mom

Who am I? My name is Charlene and I’m a recovering perfectionist. I was diagnosed with Obsessive Compulsive Personality Disorder last October, when I had decided to step into counseling. At that point in time in...