Christina is a Florida transplant; coming to Florida from Arizona’s Mohave Desert, where she was born and raised. Staying true to her nomadic heritage, Christina has traveled across the United States more than ten times. When she’s not dreaming up her next trip you can find her spending all the time she can with her husband, Chris, and their two over-the-top tween daughters, Bre Anna and Natalli. Christina is an advocate for education and a mentor for troubled youth. In her spare time you will find Christina working on her book, reading, boxing, or running. She has a love of all things in nature and the science that connects them. You can catch up with Christina by following her on Instagram and liking her on facebook .

MOSI IMAX Dome/Island of Lemurs Madagascar Review

We are a family that certainly enjoys cinema. We will typically attend one movie a month, if not more, and rent them on a weekly basis. In case you're wondering; no, this is not...

App Happy for iPhone

One thing that very few people know about me is that I consult with individuals and small business on a few things, but one of my favorites are apps. This means that I work...

Tampa Bay AirFest 2014

Last weekend my family headed to Tampa Bay AirFest in what is known as our favorite mode of transportation, the boat. We departed my in-laws home around 1pm on Sunday afternoon and headed toward...

Battling Body Image: What are we teaching our children?

Do you struggle with body image issues? It wouldn't surprise me if you did. Studies have found that the majority of women in the USA suffer from negative body image due, in large part,...

Teaching Kids to Cook {BONUS! Kid-Friendly Recipes}

We're here! We've officially hit the age at which our children should know how to do their own laundry and, at the very least, boil water. Our girls have been doing their laundry, in some...

A Healthy Hot Dog? Kayem Hot Dog Review

It's been two weeks since the Super Bowl, is it safe to talk about it yet? I'm not much into football, but I happened to marry a football family. You know the type? They have...

Getting Rid of Lice, Naturally

It happened. You know what I'm talking about. It's one of those things you dread from the moment your precious little one starts regular interaction with other children. That thing you lay awake at night...

Avoiding Activity Burn-Out

We've made it through the holidays, closed out another year, and we've found ourselves halfway through the current school year. If your household is anything like mine, this can mean trading one stress for...
thank you note on fall leaves

Tree of Thanks, Starting Your Own Traditions

Growing up without many traditions around the holidays didn't really bother me until I turned about 12 years old. Then I started to really understand the meaning of the holiday season. Having a mother...

Halloween and Modesty with Tweens

As a parent of two girls I can sympathize with how much you’re hearing about costumes and candy this time of year. A vast majority of children want to forgo the talk of homework...