Christopher is originally from Texas, but has lived in the Tampa Bay area long enough to call the Sunshine State home. Chris is a gay single father to his dinosaur of a toddler, that has what you can call T-Rex hands and monstrous growl, named Pax Alexander. He attended the University of South Florida for Religious Studies. After an unexpected turn of events he left the university to pursue his lifelong dream of adoption. Chris is a full time dad who works as a Business Manager at his son’s daycare. His down time is spent exploring trails and concrete jungles with his son. While Chris is enjoying his alone time you may catch him at local breweries, art exhibits and probably dancing to a random song.

When the Breast is Best — A Father and Son Journey for Breast Milk

It Takes a Village They say that it takes a village to raise a child.  When it came to feeding my newborn this statement never held truer.  Like most moms I struggled with the idea...

TBMB After Dark:: Love, Sex, and Magic…or the Lack Thereof

 Disclaimer: the following post is written by a TBMB team member about their personal experience with sex, sex and marriage, how sex changes after kids, and other topics as they relate to sex. The views...

Parent, Interrupted

Have you ever sworn you were still dreaming when you were awake?  Or binged ate junk food after the children went to bed?  Have you ever cried randomly?  Have you ever lied about your child’s...