Christy Gaurkee

Born on a frigid February morning in Florida, Christine Ortega Gaurkee entered the world. Her parents built their loving home in St. Petersburg which was supported by lifelong friends. This inspired her to become an educator and writer. Christy has been teaching for over 15 years, shaping and influences teenaged minds to think more about justice and inclusion. She enjoys jet-setting to new places whenever possible with her kind-hearted husband and sweet little girls, Lydia 7 and Vivian 5. In a beautifully busy life, Christy enjoys going to the movies, reading a good book and writing about it all.

The Perfect Pumpkin Patch Experience

My first daughter was born in the middle of September, so at a mere six weeks of age we decided to take her to a pumpkin patch. My bestie, who had an almost five-month-old...