I am a mom of two spunky little girls, Claire and Hadley (two, two and under) and wife to Ryan. I am a proud University of Florida and Stetson University alumnus and I work part time as a Certified Public Accountant for the largest international public accounting firm. When not crunching numbers or having a pretend tea party, I loves to sew, craft, snow ski, bake and I am fond of spreadsheets. You can follow along with my sewing and natural parenting adventures on her blog: Naturally Crafty Mom or on my FaceBook Page

5 Ways to Connect with Your Spouse Today

It's that time of year again, Valentine's day, where people go to extravagant means to profess their love (or feel bad if they don't receive this over the top show).  While I have no...

Valentine's Day Gifts with Homemade Paint

Now that I am a mom I love making gifts for my husband that involve my daughters.  These have many benefits: 1. They are a fun art project for my kids. 2. They are...

Tips for Visiting a New Mom

Visiting a new mom friend or relative (new mom defined as any mom with a new baby, can be first, second, or tenth child) is really exciting and fun.  Nothing is quite as sweet as a tiny, sleepy,...

Homemade Hot Chocolate Mix in Santa Jars

Growing up my mom always made fun crafts for our friends, teachers, etc. as holiday gifts.  One of the most memorable during this time of the year was adding a santa hat to a...

Rocking With Mr. Tommy

My kids, like most kids, love music!!  We have done a lot of the traditional music classes where you sit in a circle and all sing, but our favorite musical activity is going to...

Decorating with Thankgiving Handprint Crafts

One of the most nostalgic crafts from my childhood was drawing around my hand every year and turning that hand print into a turkey.    This was of course the most beautiful and prized present I...

Two Birth Stories: A Comparison

I have two beautiful little girls who have a lot of similarities, but also a lot of differences.  One is loud, busy and blond and the other is calm, sweet and a redhead.  Their...
carved halloween pumpkin

My Failed Attempt at Preserving a Carved Pumpkin

One of the traditions that I have always enjoyed at this time of the year is to carve or otherwise decorate pumpkins, but I had never thought about preserving a carved pumpkin. There are...

Jump into Fitness

Recently I had the opportunity to try out a "Trampo-lean" fitness class at Airheads Trampoline Arena.  I will be the first to admit that I DO NOT like working out.  As a teenager, I kept...

Shopping Local Farmers Markets

We love to hit up local sources for produce (check our our recent post about shopping your local roadside produce stands) so we love that we have a monthly farmers market by our house  Tampa Bay Markets...