Elizabeth Dunsmoor

The only daughter of a West Point graduate, Elizabeth grew up moving up and down the east coast with her parents and two younger brothers. A Tampa resident for over a decade, she is a busy mom of four amazing kids: Harmony (15), Ashley (14) Lizzy (11) and Ronan (18 months). Elizabeth owns a business with her husband, Simon and has a full time career in the financial industry. She loves the Florida lifestyle and is active in the community through church, her daughters’ school activities, the local Dragon Boating community and the Junior League. Watch Elizabeth navigate life with large doses of love, humor and skepticism on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.
mayfield ice cream cake

I Scream, You Scream, we ALL scream for Mayfield Creamery Ice Cream

How does your family ‘do’ celebrations? For as long as I can remember, my family has celebrated birthdays, holidays, major life milestones and even annual sporting events with ice cream cake. Correction – ice...

Setting Healthy Boundaries for Teens

I have two teenage daughters, ages 16 and 14. I just turned 36 and trust you can do the math. Yes, I was a young mom. Very young, younger than I would recommend most...

It’s Never Too Late for Friends to Change Your Life

Do you make friends easily? I do. As a military kid, making friends quickly and deeply becomes a life skill and sometimes a survival mechanism. I was a professional acquaintance maker and an excellent...

Crushing Chores with Landra

Stop the crazy cycle of complaints and frustration over chores with the Landra and Mothershp apps! Tampa Bay Moms Blog had the opportunity to participate in the review of a new set of family-centric apps from...

Single or Married – Parenting is Hard

I left my first husband when I was 23. Both of my daughters were under the age of three, I was granted sole custody, but not awarded child support. My ex, who wasn’t particularly...