Evelyn Mann

Evelyn Mann is a stay-at-home mom who lives in Tampa, Florida raising her special needs son, Samuel. Her son was born with a rare form of dwarfism called Thanatophoric Dwarfism and is only one of a handful of survivors. He is fourteen-years-old and has exceeded medical expectations. Evelyn is an author of a memoir, Miracle In My Living Room: The Story Of A Little Mann. Her soon to be released devotional is called Thriving Through Your Trials: Devotions of Miracles, Faith & Prayer. Her popular blog is found at www.miraclemann.com/blog. She receives inquiries from around the world asking about her son’s miraculous survival. Follow Samuel's amazing journey at www.instagram.com/miraclemann17.

How To Make Your Own DIY Disinfectant Wipes

Could you have imagined a month ago that you would be interested in making DIY disinfectant wipes? I use them regularly as a special needs mom, from wiping down my son’s stroller wheels to...
woman and young child hand washing

Coronavirus Conversations With Your Children

As a special needs mom, the latest confirmations of two coronavirus cases in Hillsborough County is concerning. Conversations about this virus are happening not only in my living room but in homes all throughout...
Parent, not Grandmother

Are You Mistaken For a Grandmother?

Grandmother or Mom? Sitting in the food court area at Sam’s Club, a gray-haired gentleman walked by and asked, “Taking care of the grandson today?” Was I really just mistaken for a grandmother? I froze. How...
don't make resolutions create habits written on a chalkboard next to an apple, weight and measuring tape

Healthy Habits For A Mid-Life Momma

I spent my 40th birthday on hospital bedrest pregnant with my soon to be born son. Fast forward to today and my bundle of joy is now a lively teenager. The years have gone...
homemade baby food in bowls with spoons

One Mom’s Journey To Making Home Made Baby Food

Finding out my son had an iron deficiency that sapped his energy, created hair loss and made him sleep all the time rocked my world. My heart further constricted when he developed red spots...

Nonprofit Spotlight: For The Girls International – The Shine Program

Imagine a place where your daughter can meet other teens and learn life skills in a warm and friendly environment. This is not an imaginary place, but a local program for girls in the...

Nonprofit Spotlight: Gigi’s Playhouse

Imagine a group of children happily playing in a playhouse. Giggles, laughter, and squeals of delight fill the room. The joy of the children is evident and infectious. Now picture seeing several faces having...

Does Your Teenager Sleep In Late?

Is your teen tired and not wanting to wake up in the morning? Perhaps your son or daughter is adjusting from the summer schedule to the new school year starting. Chances are your teenager...
adult and children holding hands in paper family cutout

Have You Ever Wanted to Foster A Child?

One Foster Family's Story Today's interview is with Christy Harvey who shares her journey as a foster parent. If you have ever wondered about wanting to foster a child, this quick read is a...
man and woman holding hands at restaurant table

How To Focus On Your Marriage While Raising Little Ones

Have you ever been on a date with your hubby at Sam’s Club? Yes, getting out to leisurely walk the aisles at a big box store is a date. How do I know this?...