Helen Pastrana Tomko

Helen Pastrana was born and raised in Puerto Rico. She completed her undergrad degree at the University of Central Florida in Psychology and received her master’s degree in Human Resource Development from Villanova University. She has been married to her husband Chris for 9 years. They have two very energetic and handsome boys; ages 4 (Noah) and 5 (Christian). They have been living in the Tampa Bay area since 2014 and are always searching for fun places and things to do. Helen is a full-time mommy and full-time employee for a professional services firm. She believes you can have your cake and eat it too; this is why she is a big proponent of work-life balance. Helen is a Gemini and in true Gemini fashion, she has an eclectic array of interests and is open to everything and anything. GAME ON!
woman floating in pool

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