Jackie Sager

Jackie is mom to Sydney (11), Landon (8) and Harper (4). They enjoy swimming and riding their bikes. Jackie earned her B.A. from Wheaton College. She’s originally from West Michigan and taught secondary language arts for seven years. She has lived across the United States and Canada, but she has lived in Tampa Bay since 2015. Jackie enjoys running the Belleair Bridge, writing and traveling. Follow her at IG #jackiesager1, FB Jackie Sager PrayWriteRun and personal blog https://praywriterun.com/.
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Pressure Washing Deal to Perk Up Your House for the Holidays

Post-Halloween reality check: Holiday guests will be arriving in less than three weeks. That's 21 days or less to get your house guest worthy. Incoming guests give me Super Mama Vision--my eyes zoom in...

10 Trunk-or-Treat Events in Tampa Bay

What happens when you combine tailgating with trick-or-treating? Trunk-or-Treat! Check out these options for trunk-or-treat in Tampa Bay. Lutz and South Tampa Family Fun Festival Dates: Saturday, October 12, 4 pm to 7 pm Hosted by Seal Swim...

Cheap DIY Trunk or Treat Decor Ideas

Decorating for Trunk or Treat and Halloween need not break your bank.  I define“cheap” as  1.) What I’ve Already Got, and 2.) What I’ll Re-use. So when it comes to cheap Trunk or Treat...

Press Your Back to School Reset Button

Each year, my girlfriends and I press the back to school reset button after we drop off our kids for their first day back. Iced beverages in hand, we go to Indian Rocks Beach...
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Are Sports Necessary to Grow Great Kids?

Want to grow great kids? Then you must put them in sports. Everyone says you should make sure the kids are well-rounded but keep sports as their TIP TOP priority. I don't think you buy...

4 Excuses for Not Giving Your Ex the Best Father’s Day EVER

When I was married, I made it my job to help my children love up their dad on Father's Day. Now that we're divorced, I haven't felt as much motivation to tie shop, make...

Ready for a puppy? The Not-So-Obvious Pro’s and Con’s

Why would a single parent of three add a puppy to her daily circus? My friends told me I was crazy. Are you really ready for a puppy? I planned to take on 90% of...
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The Productive Punch of 15 Minutes: 5 Reasons to Go for It

If I have 15 minutes free, I whip out my phone to play Scrabble, check social media, or text. What if  I used those marginal minutes to instead crush my to-do list? Fifteen minutes doesn't...

How to Talk to Your Kids About Stress

My kid’s stress is stressing me out. Get this: Kid #1 had 76 texts roll in between midnight at 3 a.m. (Why are her sixth-grade friends texting in the wee hours?) She woke to the...

Too Small, Too Worn, Too Yesterday: Liberate Your Jeans

 I own 10 pairs of jeans but wear three. Why can't I let these jeans go? I gotta liberate my jeans. Why do I keep jeans that are too small? I don't wear them. They are...