Jacqueline Seevers

Jacqueline Seevers
Jackie moved to the Tampa Bay area from Brooklyn, NY in 2010. Currently her and her husband Adam live in Plant City. She is learning how to balance being a new mom, working full time, and trying to get back into a healthy lifestyle (which includes training for full and half marathons) after dealing with pregnancy complications that caused heart failure. Her daughter, Ryleigh, was born in March of 2015 and it has been an amazing experience watching her grow. You can visit Jackie’s blog at seejackierunn.com and you can follow her on Twitter and Instagram @seejackierunn

Take Time for Day-Dates

My husband and I have pretty crazy schedules. We both work full time and he is also in school full time. Needless to say we don't have very much time for us and we...
postpartum depression

Removing the Stigma From Postpartum Depression

Giving birth is supposed to be a wonderful experience. Yes, there is the pain of childbirth, but the moment your child comes into the world is supposed to be beautiful and blissful. Becoming a...
heart failure after pregnancy

Heart Failure After Pregnancy

Pregnancy and Childbirth are supposed to be the happiest moments of one's life. My pregnancy, on the other hand, was horrible. I was sick the whole time - dizziness, extreme exhaustion, blurry vision, difficulty...

I’m Happy I Chose Daycare

Before I had my daugther, Ryleigh, and went on maternity leave, I already feared the inevitable: We would have to put her in daycare when my maternity leave was over. I was terrified of leaving my...