Former marine biologist, librarian, and fat girl, turned amateur athlete, motivational speaker, and writer. She lost 212 pounds by changing her mindset, clean eating and adding in daily exercise. Jenny is a certified Spinning instructor, and CrossFit addict. She also enjoys adventure/endurance challenges and running races with her children. She is married to James, and they have 3 kids (The Trio), and one autism service dog; a giant yellow Labrador. Jenny blogs at MetamorFit. You can also follow her on Facebook, on Twitter, Pinterest, and Instagram.

Ronin’s Story

I knew something was special about my son Ronin when he was 15 months old. I actually can even remember the exact incident where I said to myself,  “huh, something’s just not quite right...

Road Trips with Kids

As I sit down to write my post I have only one thing on my mind: our upcoming 1000 mile road trip. Growing up we took a lot of road trips, from Michigan to Florida...

The Day my Husband Became a Father

James and I married when we were in our late 20's. I was 27, he was 28. We waited years to have children. I was 32 when our first child was born, he was...
cooking with kids

Cooking with Kids: Kale Chips

Reading, writing, math, science. Cooking? Yes, cooking. Children need to be taught how to cook. It's fundamental to their overall health and well being. I firmly believe that as a society we've lost our...

Taking Time for Yourself

As moms it's only natural for us to put the needs of our children, our spouse, our pets, our jobs, E.V.E.R.Y.T.H.I.N.G. before the needs of ourselves. I'm here to tell you that it's OKAY to...

Top 5 Summer Activities for Active Families!

I have three elementary aged children. My son is nearly 7. I also have a nearly 8 year old daughter, and a 9 year old daughter. My son has special needs that we've known...

Takara Sushi-Giveaway

Tampa Palms has a new sushi lounge and let me tell you, it's fantastic! I had the opportunity to try them out in March and I will never go anywhere else for sushi again! Located...

Introducing Jenny, a Mom Who Lifts More Than Just Her Kids.

I'm so excited to introduce myself to the moms that call the Tampa Bay area home! I'm Jenny, and I'm an {almost} 42 year old mother of Irish Triplets! What are Irish Triplets? They...