Katie is a children’s book author, freelance copywriter, and legal assistant still waiting for the parenting manual to arrive. She lives with her husband, Ryan, and their two kids in the Riverview area of Tampa. Katie received her BA in English from the University of South Florida and has published two children's books. In her “spare” time (you know, those found minutes between work, family, and sleep), she writes about her experiences as a new mom in her blog, Babies, Boobs, and Blowouts: A New Mom’s Journey. Find her on Facebook or follow her on Twitter.
mother breastfeeding newborn baby girl

15 Must-Have Items for Breastfeeding Moms

Planning to breastfeed? Super! (We also support those moms planning to formula feed; so long as you're feeding your kids something, we're happy! #fedisbest) So, you already have the real essentials: the baby and...
young boy and girl decorating a christmas tree

How to Successfully Decorate the Christmas Tree with a Toddler

As I prepare for Christmas with my daughter (now 18 months), it occurs to me that the execution of our prep work is slightly different from the grand dreams I've had floating around in...
kids, car, commute, drive

Commuting with Kids: a Working Mom’s Survival Guide

No one likes a long commute. Waking up early and fighting through traffic? No, thanks. Some days, you do everything right, leave on time, and you're still late. Thanks a lot, freak thunderstorm. Hey, delirious vagrant...

Hello, Connectivity; Goodbye, Childhood

I hear phrases nowadays like "free-range parenting" and it makes me sad. The world in which we're raising our children is vastly different from the one I remember. Don't get me wrong; there are plenty...

Why I Love Preschool (and You Should, Too)

Not all preschools work out. Some are mediocre, others are awful, and a handful are amazing. And while there's definitely an across-the-board standard for certain aspects, there's also a good amount of personal preference...

When Parents Live in Fear of Their Children (I’m Looking At You)

I'm not talking about Children of the Corn here (hopefully), but I think it's safe to say that all parents live in fear of their kids to some degree. Yes, we all worry about them...

10 Ridiculous Things All Parents Do

Before we had kids, we had dreams. When it came to child-rearing, we all believed right down to our cores that we would never do some things and we would always do others. Then...

5 Unique Birthday Ideas for Grown Ups

Who says kids get to have all the fun? When you're little, birthdays are just about the best thing ever. You get an entire day devoted to having friends and family shamelessly lavish their...

Sid the Science Kid: Encyclopedia of Discovery – Review + Giveaway {Sponsored}

From time to time, we here at Tampa Bay Moms Blog get the opportunity to review certain products we feel may benefit other parents. So when I heard we had a copy of Sid...

No Muss, No Fuss – 1st Birthday Party Ideas

Living in the Tampa Bay area has its perks - lots of them. The weather is great, we're close to theme parks, and we have our choice of city or country life within a few...