Katie is a children’s book author, freelance copywriter, and legal assistant still waiting for the parenting manual to arrive. She lives with her husband, Ryan, and their two kids in the Riverview area of Tampa. Katie received her BA in English from the University of South Florida and has published two children's books. In her “spare” time (you know, those found minutes between work, family, and sleep), she writes about her experiences as a new mom in her blog, Babies, Boobs, and Blowouts: A New Mom’s Journey. Find her on Facebook or follow her on Twitter.

Babies – Smarter Than You Think

“She’s just a baby. She doesn’t understand what you’re saying.” How many times has someone overheard you talking to your baby and felt compelled to remind you of this? While it’s true that infants...

Vacationing with Baby – What to Do?

There’s only one first family vacation as new parents. Aside from the excitement of finally getting away for a few days, you might find yourself wondering – What the heck do you do on...
first birthday party

First Birthday Party Lessons

Probably like most new moms, I went into my daughter’s first birthday party wide-eyed and excited (with a tinge of sadness that my baby is growing up so quickly). As a busy working mom...

How Working Moms Make Friends

How’s a busy, working mom to make new friends? Let’s face it; by the time you hit your late-twenties, opportunities for making new gal pals become scarcer. Once you’ve popped out a baby (because...

Coping with Colds

Cough. Sneeze. Hack. Really? Doesn’t this cold realize how busy I am? Doesn’t it know my baby has too much floor to cover and no time to wipe a runny nose? It’s one thing...

Introducing K.D., Mom, Author, and Diaper Changer Extraordinaire!

Here’s what I didn’t expect from pregnancy and parenthood. I read books. I spoke to other moms. I followed (and learned to decipher) message boards. As a first time mom, I couldn’t get enough....