Katie Isaac

Katie is a 34 year old wife, mom, mathematics educational consultant, health and fitness coach, and LIVE INSANITY fitness instructor. Katie has been married to her husband Jon for 7 years and they have 3 children ~ Micah who is 5, Joella who is 3, and new baby Ezra Grace who is 3 months old. Katie and her family moved to Tampa, Florida in September of 2014 and LOVE the freedom the sunshine and blue skies bring to their lives. Katie has a passion for helping others whether it's in the classroom working with teachers and students, behind the screen virtually coaching others to meet their health and fitness goals, or teaching a LIVE fitness class. Katie is the crazy combination of a WAHM (work at home mom) and part-time corporate gal. Katie enjoys spending time outside with her kids, going to the beach, working out, and cooking. You can follow her on Instagram at fitmomma_isaac for motivation and foodie tips!
Less is More Our Staycation Summer

Less is More: Our Staycation Summer

Less is More: Our Staycation Summer I had this moment of clarity one morning in the shower.  I swear some of my best thinking comes when I’m in there. Some days those five minutes are...

Why I’m NOT Asking for Presents for my Kids’ Birthday

Before I go any further with this I’ll give my disclaimer.  To each their own and you can go on with your bad self if you disagree.  I ain’t mad at cha!   This past year...

LEGOLAND ~ Beach Retreat

Looking for a great family escape that's budget friendly AND practically stress free?  Look no further!  LEGOLAND has just opened their brand new Beach Retreat located .5 miles from the Theme Park.  I had...

Stress, Sleep, and Hugs ~ Being a Woman is Hard

Stress, Sleep, and Hugs.  Totally sounds like a run through of a mom's life.  Constantly stressed.  Forever wanting sleep.  And smothered in hugs from sun up to sun down. I have no magic cure for...

5 FUN Things to do In Tampa for Spring Break

While many head out of town for Spring Break, many families take the alternative option and enjoy a staycation.  As a former northerner, I used to look forward to escaping from the snow and...

The #TBMBselfie love challenge ~ taking time to love on yourself

Ever take a #selfie of yourself and criticize it up and down?  Or maybe you just stand and gaze into the mirror nit-picking every single thing WRONG??  Maybe you've even gone so far as to...

6 Tips for Meal Planning Like a Boss

Grocery bill got you like "whoa?"  Ultimate stare down in the fridge leaving you less than motivated? Then you  might need to suck it up and learn the tricks of meal planning. We all want to eat...