Kelly Kennedy

How To Celebrate Women’s History Month with Your Kids

  As a group of 30 women in Tampa Bay, we would be remiss if we didn't acknowledge Women's History Month. This month focuses on celebrating the trailblazing women who have impacted our history and inspire...

My First Born – Blizzard Baby

Five years ago, I was living in a suburb of Richmond, Virginia. I was due with my first child on February 17. I was so happy to be pregnant during the wintertime because I...
Two cute children at chemistry lesson making experiments

A Mom’s Thank You to Emily’s Wonder Lab, Good Job Netflix

This week, in the craziness that was the first week of e-learning, we took a reprieve in a new kids tv show, Emily's Wonder Lab. Anytime there's a new television show, I'm much more...
mother with children holding help sign during quaratine

Where’s My Pandemic Parenting Handbook?

These are the times that will define our parenting generation in textbooks. Being a parent can be exhausting during “normal” times but’s a whole different ballgame. Right now across social media groups, you see the...

It’s Not That I Can’t Handle It, It’s Postnatal Depletion

I recently had a baby born during this COVID-19 crisis. While labor and delivery are challenging the real reality set in once we were home. At home, we are a family of five with...
pregnant woman in hospital holding belly

Giving Birth During a Pandemic

When we decided to have a third child I thought there’s no way that this third labor could top my first two. My first child was born during a blizzard. My second child was...

5 Toys Kids Love But Parents Hate

We've all been in that space, your child is opening gifts for Christmas or their birthday and you're holding your breath hoping it's not a really annoying or messy toy. Then it happens, a...
bike trail - family-friendly outdoor adventures in Tampa Bay

5 Affordable, Family-friendly Outdoor Adventures in Tampa Bay

  From beaches to museums, Tampa really offers something for everyone. Why not spend time exploring Tampa Bay. There are many family-friendly outdoor adventures in Tampa Bay. Let’s start with some great outdoor activities where...
football snack foods

10 Delicious and Simple Kid-Friendly Big Game Food Ideas

The biggest game of the year is fast approaching. Some people throw amazing parties and others choose to stay home. Whatever you are doing hopefully your kids will cooperate and join in on the...
man giving woman gift for christmas

What Do Moms Really Want for Christmas?

We recently polled our contributors to find out their must-have items for the holidays. Not surprisingly, our moms needed a minute to refocus their thoughts and actually think about themselves for once this holiday...