Kelly Kennedy

Kelly is a native Floridian, growing up in the Tampa Bay area. She has a beautiful family which includes her ruggedly handsome husband James, their fur baby black lab mix, one son, and two daughters! Kelly attended The University of Tampa for undergrad and graduate school. She holds a bachelor's degree in Management and a Master's of Business Administration in Marketing.

How to Survive Disney with a Toddler While Pregnant

For my son's second birthday, we decided to take him to Disney. While I knew this would be fun for him, I had my doubts. I was thinking in my head "How will I...

Alternatives to Candy for the Easter Basket

As a mom to a young child, I've been thinking about alternatives to candy for his Easter basket. I try to stay away from giving him too many sweet treats so instead this year...

10 Questions Pregnant Women are Tired of Being Asked

When you're pregnant, you've got enough on your plate with well you know, GROWING A HUMAN! Then on top of it, people ask personal and very odd questions, even strangers. Here is the top...
breast pump and breastmilk storage bags

Exclusive Pumping – An Alternative Breastfeeding Journey

During my first pregnancy, I read, researched, and took classes about parenting and babies to make sure I was prepared for my newborn. One undisputed recommendation from all sources was that breastfeeding is the...