A Mom’s Guide to Surviving Thanksgiving

  Mmmmm. Nothing says Thanksgiving dinner and a house filled with annoying relatives like the taste of moonshine! That’s right. Good ole’ fashioned back woods Appalachian liquid fire. The creepy uncle who no one has...

One Kid’s Tantrum is Another Mom’s Wine

My name is Melanie and my kid is the tantrum kid. The one you hear in the back of the grocery store. The one being carted out of restaurants, movies, ballgames, and birthday parties. There. That felt good. Kinda. I...

When Favoritism Goes Awry

I adore how much my three-year-old boy loves me. Grayson always wants to snuggle or give me hugs. He is always asking for me to play with him, watch a cartoon with him, or...

10 Things I am Thinking Before My 20 Year Reunion

1. Denial. There is no way in hell it has been 20 years since I graduated high school. I mean, seriously. I still have my favorite Violent Femmes t-shirt in a drawer. 20 years....

I Gave Up On Potty Training and That is What Worked

I was tired of spending so much money on training pants (diapers). I was tired of seeing the little unused blue training potty in the bathroom. Tired of seeing the pirate themed potty seat...

Introducing Melanie Snow Waxler

If you happened to come across one of my grocery lists, or any list really since I am a list making fool, you might stop in your tracks noticing a few items just don’t...