Michelle Anderson

Michelle is a full-time stay-at-home-mom with her daughter, Teagan (although, they are rarely at home and always on the go). She and her family (hubby, kiddo, and 2 kitties) recently relocated back to Tampa after spending 8 years in Minnesota. She enjoys all things HGTV related and requires coffee for daily survival!

Feeding Tiny Humans: No Cooking Required

When my daughter was a baby, anyplace with a drive-thru became my best friend. I needed food and it was winter in Minnesota. With temperatures below zero, I refused to leave the comfort of...

Birthday Party Time: Give Me a High 5!

  We decided to host our kiddo’s fifth birthday party at our house. When asked, she requested hot dogs, cake, and friends to play with. Okay…that sounded simple enough…right?!?! Welllllll here’s the real story of...

How Boredom Leads to Creativity: The Path to Being Creatively Brilliant

“MOMMMMMYYYYYYYYYYYYYY…I’M BOREDDDDDDDDDD!” Well, that's great because boredom leads to creativity. And I wonder how that is even possible. My house looks like a toy piñata exploded. There are toys EVERYWHERE! The figurative paint is barely...

How to Have Holiday Party Conversations: Say This, NOT that!

Inappropriate. That one word best describes my current communication style. But…it wasn’t always this way. Not so long ago I used to be soooooo corporate. I wore suits. I attended meetings with corporate bigwigs...
elf on a shelf with a NO sign over it

Dear Elf: I Don’t Want You on my Shelf! No Elfing Way!

I have escaped the elf on the shelf tradition so far. The idea of it sounds all cute and magical but then I considered the logistics of actually implementing it. This magical elf would...

3 Questions You SHOULD Be Asking Your Pharmacist

“Do you have any questions?” Well….ummmm…no…yes…maybe????? The problem with that question is I don’t know what I don’t know. Therefore, I don’t know what questions to ask about what I don’t know but should...

Back-to-School: Preparing for My Rookie Season

Apparently, there is a season I didn’t know existed until now. It’s called the back-to-school season. I’ve just been introduced to it since my daughter started VPK this year. It’s kinda like a little...

2018 Florida Sales Tax Holiday: August 3-5

According to Benjamin Franklin, nothing is certain but death and taxes. How about doing taxes for the dead? Yep…not so fun times but that’s a story for another day. Today, I’d rather focus on...

Feeding Tiny Humans: Discovering Food Sensitivities

I had no idea that feeding a tiny human would be soooooo hard! Newborns eat, sleep, poop. It seems so simple. Feed ‘em, change a diaper, and snuggle up for a quick nap until...

Torticollis: To helmet or not helmet; that is the question

At our daughter's 2-month check up, our doctor told us, “Your daughter has Torticollis.”  “Torti-what????” What is this unpronounceable medical term and why have I never heard of it before. What is Torticollis? I don’t...