Michelle P. is a full-time working mom who stays busy chasing after her 2 year old son, Kyran, with the help of her wonderful husband, Sam. She's a not-so-extreme couponer and an avid DIYer. Michelle is a graduate from the University of South Florida (Go Bulls!) and a Sigma Delta Tau alumni. You can keep up with her family's monthly challenges to simplify, organize, and stay on a budget at http://www.mskhappylife.blogspot.com/.

5 Cheap {or FREE} Spring Break Activities in Tampa Bay

  Spring Break is just around the corner.  Are you ready for a week home with the kids?  Tampa Bay is a popular Spring Break vacation spot for many families because we have so much...

At Home Date Night Ideas

I think we can all agree that once we become parents, making "adult time" a priority is so important, but so, so challenging.  It's important that we continue to maintain and work on the relationship...

Dear Mom Who Feels Like She’s Failing

Dear Mom Who Feels Like She's Failing: You’re awesome!  I know you don’t think so right now, but you are!  Being a mom is a tough job.  We all have rough days that leave us...

A Working Mom’s Guide to Family Activities in Tampa Bay

Being a working mom can sometimes leave us feeling like we miss out on all the fun activities that take place during the day.  When I first became a mom, I wanted so badly...

Giving Back to Tampa Bay: 3 Family-Friendly Ways to Spread Holiday Cheer

Halloween is behind us and judging by the store shelves covered in Christmas decor I think it's fair to say the holiday season is upon us.  This time of year our schedules are crazy...

How to Enjoy an Entirely FREE Birthday in Tampa Bay!

What's better than gifts on your birthday?!  Not much!  How about enjoying the entire day without paying a cent?  Here's how you can spend an entirely FREE day on your birthday in Tampa Bay: First...

5 Simple Tips for Holiday Budgeting

I know.  I know.  It’s only September and I’m talking about the holidays already!  Not to stress you out, but there are only 14 more weekends before Christmas!  That’s it!  Throw in some school...

5 Simple Ways to Keep Mommy Sane

Being a mom is an amazing job!  But it can sometimes leave us feeling worn down, frustrated, and lost.  Taking a few pauses throughout my sometimes hectic and overwhelming days help me stay calm,...

School’s Expensive! Resources for Tampa Bay Families

Each year around this time we see numerous drives and requests for donations for school supplies.  But how exactly do those supplies get distributed to our community?  Getting the kids ready for back to...
baby formula bottle being mixed

Why I Chose NOT to Breastfeed

Long before I even knew I was pregnant, I knew I probably wouldn't choose to breastfeed. Looking back, I'm not sure what I based that opinion on, just that I was sure I really...