Nicole is a ringleader for a circus show that travels around South Tampa entertaining the unexpected public with total cuteness, tantrums and crazy antics. Headlining the show is Nicole’s eldest daughter, Payton, the circus’ five-year old, well-mannered star performer, her three-year old son, Weston, who has energy for days and could tire out the energizer bunny and baby Harper, almost one, who will make you question whether or not she is a cabbage patch doll until she begins to wave at you incessantly. To be honest, sometimes Nicole feels as though these little monkeys are directing the show and that her role has been demoted to lion tamer. However, with the help of her husband, Josh, to keep the show in business, Nicole's family continues to write their own script and dominate the stage. While the performers sleep, Nicole enjoys writing about her struggles and triumphs as a wife and mother. Her posts have become a real life outlet for her to share her unique momma parenting style through honest and personal stories about being a wife and a mom of three at the young(ish) age of thirty. She hopes that her writing style will be enjoyed by many, as her posts tend to combine honest opinions and thoughtful insight on pertinent parenting topics, delivered with a comedic tone. This overwhelmed momma blogs on her own site and also sells women and children's clothes on Poshmark. You can follow her by visiting her website at and her Postmark closets at and

My Year-Long Weight Loss Journey

GASP! 196? You mean I am almost 200lbs? That was my reaction after stepping on the scale at my six week postpartum appointment after the birth my second child. I was in disbelief over the...

True Life: Mommy Wants to Be a Rapper

Yep. I wanna be a rapper. Well, not necessarily a rapper, but I would make a really good backup dancer or groupie. Mommy has sure "got back". Mommy can definitely "get low".  Mommy sure...

Top Ten Parenting Books According to a Mother of Three

"Help me!! Help me!! Please Now!! Stop Her!!" Sorry, that was just my husband. That's what happens every time we go into a bookstore and he sees me shoot like one of Ygritte's arrows straight...

Calm The Fudgin Fudge Down: A Perfectionist’s Search for Balance

Perfection. Ahhh...the holy grail! If you are anything like me, you may have strived for it your whole life. You may be striving for it now, as a parent, and you may be unknowingly (or...

Facebook Addiction: Disconnect to Reconnect or Healthily Connected?

Sign In. Why is it so hard to “unplug"? Why is it so hard to tear my fingers from my touchscreen keyboard and my eyes from the Facebook news feed? What is so intriguing about...