Nikki married her husband Bill nearly 14 years ago, and in 2007 as late-in-life parents, they welcomed their daughter Emma, now 5. A graduate of Missouri University, Nikki spent 16 years working professionally as a graphic designer before moving from Knoxville, TN to Tampa Bay to support her husband's career and embrace full-time motherhood. This stay-at-home mom doesn't spend a lot of time at home, though; she's always searching for fun ways to make memories with her daughter each day. She'll help you and your family find memory-making family events to enjoy in and around the Bay area on her blog, What's Doing? Tampa Bay. Find her on Facebook, Pinterest. and follow her on Twitter.
Sad woman

A Mother Remembers: Mourning a Miscarriage

DID YOU KNOW? October is National Pregnancy and Infant Loss Awareness Month. And specifically, October 15 is Pregnancy and Infant Loss Remembrance Day. I didn't know this until it was brought to my attention...

On Being a First-time Kindergarten Mom

This is my third week of Kindergarten. Yes … MINE. Not only did my one and only daughter begin her first year in big-girl school, but so did I, and I have to tell...

Monday Meal: Quick and Hearty Dinners for On the Go Families

We keep a busy schedule at our house. For the past almost 6 years I've made a point of having something planned for my daughter and I to do outside of the house every...
First Day of Kindergarten

Being Pregnant as an Older Mom

Tuesday my daughter walked into Kindergarten for her first day. She was excited and a little scared, too. So was I. The last time I was in Elementary School was in the 1970s, and...

Lunchbox Makeover 101: BJ's Wholesale Club Gets Families Ready for School!

School supplies … CHECK! School uniforms … CHECK! Socks and shoes … CHECK! School lunch ideas … Ugh. Okay, I don't feel quite ready for this one. Fortunately, BJ's Wholesale Club invited several local bloggers to a Back-to-School...
First day of school

It's Almost Time for School!

It's almost time again to start waking the kids up for school, packing lunches, waiting in car lines or at bus stops. Hard to believe, I know! So, as we start checking off those...
Temperature is rising

In Search of Cheap Summer Fun

Summer has arrived and the temperature is climbing. With days reaching towards 90 degrees and rain showers driving us out of the pool in the afternoons, we've been looking for some indoor fun. But...
Playing in the sand at Lithia Springs

Come Explore with Me: Lithia Springs Park

"I want to go there a thousand times!" my daughter told me on our ride home from Lithia Springs Regional Park, which is located along the Alafia River. I was exhausted. It had been a long...
My Dad

Thanks, Dad!

I was asked to write something about my Dad, and I have to say … I'm finding this harder than anything I have ever had to write. I can't really say why. I love...
Movie Rewards

Rewards, Not Roars!

It seemed like I was raising my voice more and more often with my daughter. I was spending more and more evenings feeling bad, rethinking each moment, and feeling like a failure. Hearing a couple...