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SAHM of two little ones-taking life one coffee at a time.

Sleep Struggles Continued: Crying It Out with My Four Year Old

We talk a lot about sleep and bedtime routines for our babies. There are books and blogs with several methods on how to do so. They range from the cry it out method to...

Best Mother’s Day Brunch in Tampa Bay

Mother's Day is this Sunday! Let's be honest, mommin' is a 24/7 job. We don't really get a whole day to ourselves so that's why you have to make the few hours you do...
Spring Cleaning Your Child's Car Seat

Spring Cleaning Your Child’s Car Seat

Spring cleaning is here! One of the least desirable and dirtiest items to clean is a child's car seat. Images of disinfecting wipes and hazmat suits appear when I plan to attempt this hurdle...
Kids' Easter Bunny Pictures

Top 10 Kids’ Easter Bunny Pictures

When it comes to taking pictures I think we can agree they are more for the parents than kids, especially holiday photos. Parents usually have a "look" of how they think the picture with...
March For Our Lives

March For Our Lives: Joining Our Parkland Neighbors

After the mass school shooting in Parkland, Florida a statement surfaced in our Facebook feeds. "There have been 18 school shooting so far this year". This statement makes me feel emotional and overwhelmed. How...
We need to back off moms on bouncing back

We Need to Back Off Moms On Bouncing Back

This past December we celebrated my daughter's first birthday. There is a lot to take on during that first year with a baby. One of the biggest pressures moms face is “bouncing back” after...
New Year's Resolutions: How to have it all in 2018-FINAL

New Year’s Resolutions: How to Have It All Next Year

Every new year we set out to change the undesirable traits of our lives and we set our New Year's resolutions. New year new me, amirite? We pile up on the good stuff like...
Breaking the Cycle

Breaking the Cycle: Learning From My Estranged Father’s Death

My estranged father died the other day. After 20 years of a toxic relationship with him I decided to cut all communications and focus on breaking the cycle. I felt I needed to do...

The Shadow that Changed My Life: Having a Baby Born with a Cleft Lip

The 20 week anatomy scan for pregnant women is a joyous occasion. The major attraction is that you’re able to find out the gender of your baby. My husband and I anxiously glared at...