Stephanie Moir

Stephanie was born in Lima, Peru, raised in Miami and has called Tampa Bay home for the last eight years. She has been married to her loving and supportive husband for the last five years. Their first child is their gentle giant, Labrador retriever, Bruce Lee. In 2016, they welcomed their long awaited, miracle, baby boy and ever since it has been love at first sight. Stephanie spends time taking her boys to the park and going for family jogs. After the park both boys nap, and she enjoys time to herself, unwinding, reading, meditating and eating dark chocolate. Stephanie is a mompreneuer and owns Serene Mind Psychology, her mental health private practice. She has the best coworker, her therapy dog, Bruce Lee. Together, they help their clients accomplish life long transformations and reach ultimate happiness.
Life Lessons from Fathers

Five Life Lessons I Learned from Fantastic Fathers

We love, appreciate and celebrate you dads! Thank you for the amazing things you do for your families, kids, and partners every day. I have many great men in my life that I celebrate...

No Mom Genes: My Journey with Infertility

Infertility is the most devastating experience I have had to endure. It tested my patience, relationships and dreams. Imagine the one thing you want most in life and not being able to have it. For...
girls trip

Goodbye Mom Guilt, Hello Girls Trip

Packing my bags to go on vacation used to be so much easier before I had my son. This past weekend I took my first toddler-free girls trip since his birth. Traveling has always...

Mamas Against School Shootings

The recent mass shooting in Parkland, Florida has hit too close to home. I was watching the news as the terror unfolded and in those moments, I wondered how I could feel comfortable having...
How To Make Mommin' Easy - Take a Mommy Break

How to Make Mommin’ Easy

Being a new mommy can be exhausting. It takes a toll on you, your partner, your friendships, your work and at any time you have left for just you. I read a meme last...
Bigger Than Life_ My Birth Story

Bigger Than Life: My Birth Story

Our baby boy is one! 2017 has been both the slowest and fastest year of my life. I loved being pregnant with him and I was never afraid to give birth. We took every...
Baby Boy FPIES

Finding a FPIES Diagnosis?

All moms can agree on one thing, we fear anything dangerous happening to our children. We try to protect our children and save them from any harm. I thought I had failed my newborn,...

Advanced Bullying 101

We teach our children to "Say no to bullies". And we do this, in hopes that it may work. However, the reality is that our relationships with our children impact how and if they...