Sometimes we want to share about a topic, but let's face it. It's sensitive. We've created an Anonymous account for posts like these. We aren't trying to hide, but be sensitive to friends and family mentioned in the post.
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A Picture of an Abusive Relationship – Part 1

If someone had taken a picture of me during my time in an abusive relationship – there would be just me, a smiling, young coed, trying to find her path to success at a...
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A Picture of an Abusive Relationship – Part 2

After enduring this abuse for so long, I had finally ended it. But my emotional suffering didn't stop there. Then, one afternoon I returned to my apartment with a friend to pick up my mail...

Stuck in a Job and You Can’t Get Out

Many of us work out of necessity. So finding a job or a company you love isn’t as easy as you might think. Sometimes a job isn’t what you thought it was going to...

The Borderline Mom You Didn’t Know You Knew

I'm a Mom Just Like You I'm a good Mom.  And I also have Borderline Personality Disorder. It has to do with my ability to regulate my emotions which are sometimes intense. Being diagnosed in my...

The Rise of Anti-Semitism in the United States

Anti-Semitism is still alive and occurring frequently. There are people in this country who would like to exterminate all Jews. These people would like to see the Jews murdered in a gas chamber the...
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Living On the Edge of Poverty

When you hear the word poverty, what do you think of? Poor? Homeless? Dirty? Uneducated? Let me paint a different picture for you. I am one of the millions of people living on the edge of...

The Ripple Effect: How My Body Image Issues Influenced My Daughter (Part 2)

Continued from Part 1. “I don’t talk about my weight!”  I said. “You do. A lot. Maybe you don’t realize it, but every time we have dinner and you refuse something you always say something like, ‘Mommy...

The Ripple Effect: How My Body Image Issues Influenced My Daughter (Part 1)

Growing up, I never worried about my weight. I was naturally thin and incredibly active. I participated in extracurriculars and spent a lot of time doing physical activities. You can imagine my surprise when...

The Mom Penalty: When Opportunity Knocks and You Can’t Answer

When Opportunity Knocks and You Can’t Answer Opportunity knocks. Unexpectedly. Excitement, fear and anxiety rise up from deep within my belly. Decisions, life-changing ones, must be made, quickly. My brain is like a tug-of-war. One side,...