Tricia Sportsman

Tricia is a mom, wife & 16+ year HR professional who has a passion for writing and has been a Tampa Bay Moms contributor since 2016. Tricia and her family have lived in Tampa since 2013. Originally from the Windy City, Tricia & her husband enjoy the beaches, exploring great restaurants & spending time at the ball fields with their two kids, Luca & Gia. Tricia has a Master of Arts in Communication from Western Illinois University and is SHRM-SCP certified. When not working or spending time with her family, she enjoys fitness, is a coffee enthusiast, enjoys craft beer & country music. Follow her on IG @tsportsman.
Missing a hug

Missing a Hug, But Finding Joy in Life’s Other Ways

A lot has changed in the world in a very short period of time. From a global pandemic that overnight practically changed how as humans we operated, behaved and interacted day to day. To...
hands on a video game controller in front of a tv

Dreading the Looming Summer Break in this New Normal

Call me crazy, but I don’t want home school to end. Yup, you read that correctly. Plenty has been written about working moms, quarantine, and home-schooling kids. While we've been thrown into an uncertain...
Celebrating International Women's Day in Tampa Bay

Celebrating International Women’s Day in Tampa Bay

International Women’s Day is March 8th. Often it’s marked by celebrations of women and bringing global awareness to gender parity in the workplace. Check out our favorite picks for celebrating International Women's Day in...
Mom raising daughter

Anyone Scared to Raise a Young Girl These Days?

I sure am. Between the mid-90’s mean girl persona and today’s VSCO girl, I am scared to raise a young girl. While only 5, it already feels like she’s 5 going on 15. Part of...
Jump-starting Your Goals Any Day of the Year!

Jump-starting Your Goals Any Day of the Year!

We're a few weeks into the new year. A new decade in fact. For some, it’s a fresh start. A clean slate. A moment to start (or re-start) again. I love that feeling of...
gingerbread cookies on a christmas plate

How to Host a Successful and Festive Holiday Baking Party

I love baking. It is hands down one of my favorite holiday activities. Admittedly I don’t love baking with my kids. I tend to be neurotic about cookies that aren’t equal or perfectly round;...
young mother and daughter holding moms face

Grateful for Being an Example to my Little Girl

It's with a grateful heart this year that we sent our daughter off to Kindergarten. She's our last (of 2). Time is quickly passing by as she grows into a smart, sassy and not-so-little...
Free yourself from busy

Free You (and your family) From Being Busy

Everywhere I turn moms (and women in general) are living in a world of being overplanned, overworked and simply put- burnt out by all the things that supposedly bring them joy. So why does every...
Moms enjoying a drink together

Finding Friendships as a Working Mom Isn’t Easy

I recently was asked if it was hard to meet other moms because I worked. Friendships as a working mom, short answer- yes. Long answer- it's complicated. We both moved into the neighborhood from...
boy raising fist high with a superhero cape

Trophies, Allowances and Bribes… oh my!

With all this talk about participation trophies and awards ceremonies, it has me thinking about allowances, rewards and even bribes for everything from chores to grades to sports. And from the conversations, I’ve had...