Wendy Spiriti

Boymom, wife, daughter, friend and aspiring weather photographer, Wendy moved to Tampa 12 years ago to escape winter in the Northeast…but still see plenty of AL East baseball. It was through her love of the New York Yankees she flirted her way to a first date with the man she’d eventually marry, Mike. Along with a husband, she gained stepson Damon (now 17), who she loves like her own. And, in 2013, completed the family by welcoming the sweetest little boy in the world, Logan. In addition to being surrounded by three handsome guys, Wendy works full time in the corporate world. Somewhere between Mom life and work life she finds time to enjoy fitness, travel, reading, watching too many cooking competition shows and more HGTV than should be allowed. She’s also a self-proclaimed news junkie who loves to stay up to date on current events. A native of Queens, NY, Wendy holds a BA in Journalism from State University of New York at New Paltz.
fireworks in the sky

Baby, Don’t Be A Firework Jerk

It was nearly 11 p.m. on a cold (by Florida standards anyway) January night, days past New Year’s Eve in a master-planned, suburban HOA community. Unveiled under the wintery, star-filled night sky was a neighborhood...

September is NICU Awareness Month- Why It Matters

I am part of a club nobody ever wants to join. I am a NICU Mom. September is NICU Awareness Month, a time to honor those of us who’s journey to parenthood took a path...
women giving medicine to teddy bear

Please, Just Keep Your Sick Kid At Home

Please keep your sick kid at home and away from the rest of the class. Don't bring them to daycare, or school, or extra-curricular activities, or summer camp. Keep them far, far away from...

Why You Should Jump At The Chance For A Mother-Daughter Getaway

It was a sunny spring day.  The salty, humid air was buzzing with the excitement and anticipation of thousands of vacationers boarding a giant cruise ship. About to embark upon four days of fun...

Sharenting: Building a Positive Digital Footprint in an Online World

It was just the other day that I was scrolling through my Facebook news feed when I noticed a posting in a local Mom group. I could not help but think of "sharenting," the...

Road Rage Rules- How to Protect Yourself From Aggressive Drivers

Hey, you, in the silver Honda HR-V with the Disney passholder sticker. You could have died in a road rage incident today. You may not even recognize the danger you put yourself and your...

Overcoming the “Mommy Gap”: How to Break Back Into the Workforce

There are 5 million stay-at-home Moms in the United States, according to the US Census. That is a large pool of talented individuals who at some point in their life may want to return...

Celebrating Hanukkah- The Festival of Lights

It’s the most wonderful time of the year! The holiday season is upon us and that means many reasons to celebrate for many different cultures. For some, its time to decorate the home in...

The Top 7 Work-From-Home Mom Challenges

It is another day in my life as a work from home Mom. The sun peaks through my window and the alarm blares an awful rooster sound that I really should change.  It is Monday,...

It Takes A Village-Let’s Be That Village

My fellow moms, I need to ask you an important question. Do you believe "It Takes a Village?" If so, can we just lift each other up? Can we rise above it all and help...