Winter Davenport

Winter is a new stay-at-home Mom and USF Alumni! While Tampa is considered home, her little family lives abroad several months out of the year thanks to her husband’s career. This on-the-go lifestyle has made living mindfully her number #1 priority. While taking advantage of this opportunity to travel as a family, Winter’s goal is to be financially independent. She loves writing and she loves all things active, all things outdoors, and all things health & fitness. Winter holds a BA in Exercise Science from the University of South Florida. Follow her and watch for her new ventures @AbroadIsLife on Instagram and Twitter.

How to do Summer Travel with Kids: The 5 Best Things to Bring Along

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Censorship: Where to Begin? Where to End?

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Important Life Skills: Practical Subjects to Consider

Getting Straight A´s does not guarantee your child success, happiness, or to live to their potential. Well, I guess that depends on your definition of success. Yes, the task of getting good grades helps...

Better Sleep: Why It’s Important and Tips for How to Get It

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