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13 Books and Activities to Help Keep MLK’s Dream Alive

Today, we celebrate a man of vision who sought to unify our country through equality and love. Yet, many of our children are only vaguely familiar with Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. and the amazing legacy he created. As parents, we are the first educational resource our children have and we are almost always […]

10 Halloween Movies Your Family Will Absolutely Love

Happy October! When you need a break from planning your kids’ Halloween costumes, trick or treat locations, or your own Halloween party – grab some popcorn and settle in with some great Halloween movies. #10 Curious George: A Halloween Boo Fest Is your little monkey – eh I mean toddler curious about everything? I know […]

When It’s Time to Wean Your Toddler: Creative Techniques to Be Successful

Creative weaning When it’s time to wean your toddler it’s good to read about different techniques. Every mother’s breastfeeding relationship with their child is different and finding the right path means you may need to get creative. Here are some tried and some not-so-true weaning suggestions: Calmly explain to your toddler mamas milk is going bye-bye.  Reduce […]

Lessons Learned from Potty Training During the Pandemic

Earlier this spring when I was home with my kids and my husband during the quarantine, we decided it was the perfect time for potty training! I will tell you, the nice thing about potty training during the pandemic was that it gave us something else to focus on and worry about other than what […]

7 Fun Sensory Activities For Toddlers

Have you more than ever, needed sensory fun and educational activities to keep your toddler busy? I know the feeling all too well! Having a toddler who won’t sit still, is definitely challenging to say the least. At 12:00 am, I am on my phone searching for fun sensory activities for my little one to […]

A Letter to My Daughter as You Leave Elementary School

As the applause fades and you walk through the doors of elementary school for the last time, please forgive me as I cry. I know that you are excited for summer and for middle school to start. But me, I am sad. This is your final day as a child. Once you walk across the […]

What is Free VPK? (And How Do I Sign My Kid Up?)

Drive anywhere in the Tampa Bay suburbs and you’ll see signs advertising free VPK at many daycare centers. If you’re new to Florida schools, you’ve probably noticed the signs and wondered, what’s that? Years ago before I had kids, these signs caught my eye and I was curious about this VPK thing. But it wasn’t […]

How to Talk to Your Child About Bullying and Bully Prevention

As you’re driving home from school with your kids, you overhear them talking about another child in their class. Your child calls this other student a bully. And says that “they are mean.” As a parent, you may find yourself asking several different questions. “Is that child a bully? Is my child being bullied? What […]

The Day I Realized My Stranger Danger Message Hadn’t Hit Home

I always tell my children not to speak to strangers. I say it a lot and I say it loud. But apparently it’s like most of what I say—in one ear and out the other. I realized one quarantined day in May that my stranger danger message hadn’t hit home. My girls, who are six […]