Useful Wine Pairings for Awkward Thanksgiving Moments

Thanksgiving is a time to gather with family and be grateful for one another. Even though you may be grateful, it doesn’t mean you always see eye to eye. A good wine pairing can help you get over the hurdle of an awkward moment or question. So here are my useful wine pairings for awkward Thanksgiving moments this year.

White wine pairings 

When discussing a complicated situation like the end of a relationship, dropping out of college or loss of a job; I find a nice oaked Chardonnay goes best. Nothing contradicts the notes of disappointment from your family like the notes of sweet vanilla in this wine. Maybe your relationship is going well or you are planning a wedding; some may ask when are the babies coming? For this deeply personal and awkward question, I find a Moscato will pair well. It’s one wine that’s best on its own (no food pairings) so keep the refills coming way past dinner. 

Red wine pairings 

Once you’re at the point in life that you have kids, families are known for unsolicited advice. Advice from activities they participate in, clothes they wear or social media privileges. These overloaded awkward moments are best paired with a classic Pinot noir. Although your family seems like they are questioning your abilities as a grown up, pronouncing “PEE-no N-war” properly will make you feel like a real adult again. For a lot of us moms, we will be going above and beyond by cooking the Thanksgiving dinner. There are a lot of food items at play: potatoes, corn, ham but the most scrutinized is the turkey. When your Mother-in-law mentions the turkey is a “bit dry” this moment pairs best with a fruity Zinfandel. Splash some wine on the said turkey to moisten it up and pour a glass (or two) for yourself! 

Lastly, someone will somehow bring up something political. At this point, I encourage you to grab whatever you can Prosecco, beer, the sherry cooking wine and exit the room immediately. No matter how the dinner goes or how many refills you’ve had, please remember to never drink and drive! Happy Thanksgiving!


What’s your favorite wine pairings for awkward Thanksgiving moments?