How to Personalize Your 2020 Planner with Style

Personalizing your 2020 Planner
Personalizing your 2020 Planner in style

In January, I love to get organized for the year and one of the first things I do is get a planner. A planner is a way for you to personalize your calendar and fun way to be creative at the beginning of the year. I’m a visual person and like to use my planner as not only a tool for important dates but as a memory keeper throughout the year. Here are some ideas on how to personalize your 2020 planner with style.

You can either buy a planner at your local craft store or print out your own calendar templates online. My planner of choice is The Happy Planner series. They have great designs, inspirational quotes and come in several sizes.

This year, I not only wanted to decorate and personalize my planner but also create a vision 2020 board to put in my planner. I was able to get some great ideas on my vision board and decorating tips from fellow DIY blogger Amber Kemp- Gerstel from Damask Love. She has some great tools for decorating planners and setting your goals.

          1. Washi Tape is your friend.

            You can decorate each month with different washi tape to fit the decor for the month.

            October’s Month Calendar Decorated with Washi Tape
          2. Add Photos to make it a memory book throughout the year.

            I added photos to my planner that inspire me every day and notes to keep me focused. Pictures of my family and friends are throughout my planner to inspire me.

            Personalized Planner Pages
            Personalized Planner pages make it into a memory book
          3. Cut out Decorative squares for your calendar.

            These different colored squares can highlight special days in the month.

            May Month Calendar
            May’s Month Calendar uses decorated squares to highlight dates in the month.
          4. Folders keep you organized.

            I like to keep a couple of folder sleeves in my planner for notes or extra stickers I use.

            Folders in planners are great to keep notes or stickers.
          5. Stickers and Sticker Rolls–are fun.

            I bought my stickers at Joann’s but you can also create your stickers through Cricut if you want to. Just look in Cricut Design for the many sticker templates available for planners. Stickers are easy to decorate your planner pages. I personalized several of my 2020 planner calendar pages with stickers to reflect the theme of the month.

          6. Journal & Inspirational cards.

            This will keep you motivated throughout the year and help you remember those important moments throughout the year.

            Happy Planner inspirational pages
            Happy Planner inspirational pages
          7. Planner Vision Board

            to remind you of your goals for the year.

            2020 Planner Vision Board
            My 2020 Planner Vision Board

      My 2020 vision board included three goals with tactics below them. I wanted to keep it simple so I can reference it daily. My three goals themes included: Shine Bright, Get it Done! and Chin Up. I’ve never made a vision board but this year I wanted to keep my goals top-of-mind and thought it would be good to include it in my planner. It will be a daily reminder for me on my overall goals. I am also including monthly goals for me to pursue.

      Remember, the best part of personalizing your 2020 planner is actually customizing it to meet your needs. Have fun with it, make it memorable and craft away!

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