Advanced Newborn Care Specialist, Owner

3209 Gun Highway Odessa, FL 33566
3209 Gun Highway Odessa, US

Supporting mom’s during pregnancy and through the first year.  Hi, my name is Susan and I am an Advanced Newborn Care Specialist.  I work with mom’s who have just given birth providing in home overnight newborn care, sleep training, breast feeding support, complete care of your baby or babies (I’m also a multiples specialist and have worked with over 50 mom’s of twins and triplets) so that you can sleep.  All feeding situations supported including, exclusively breast feeding, breast feeding and pumping (most popular) formula/breast milk and formula only.  Every mom has different needs/choices to feed her little one. Light kitchen duty/light laundry are available too.  Bottle service also including, wash dry fill with either breast milk or formula.  Safe sleep practices, scheduling, nutritional needs and meeting milestones.  A complete system for your SUCCESS!

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