How to Make an Easy and Delicious Easter Menu

When I think of planning my Easter menu I get excited. Mostly because I feel it allows for more creativity and flexibility than say Christmas or Thanksgiving. Also, some people decide to do an Easter brunch rather than a dinner so the possibilities are endless. Not to mention the ability to use fresh seasonal foods that may not have been available during the “winter” months. I say “winter” jokingly because we all know in Florida we don’t have real Winter.

Hor d’oeuvres

Each year I search for fresh takes on old classics to give people a sense of familiarity but with a new look and taste. I have a deep love for deviled eggs and while I love the classic recipes, I saw these on a friend’s blog and I said: “I have to try these!”

Deviled Eggs with Bacon



I will say that I do love ham for Easter. On Thanksgiving we obviously make turkey and Christmas Eve is reserved for the 7 fishes of course and Christmas Day is usually some type of red meat. But on Easter each year I like to try a new ham recipe. However, other alternatives for the main Easter dish are lamb or salmon.

Sweet Holiday Baked Ham


Mashed Potatoes

My husband has a deep love for mashed potatoes, usually, I love mashed potatoes with some garlic component and cheese, but these have all of that and more!

Loaded Mashed Potatoes



While my kids will likely turn up their noses at any vegetable, hello picky eaters…. I still love vegetables myself. I’m also lucky enough to have several farmers markets close by so finding some fresh veggies will be no problem and who doesn’t love RANCH!

Oven Roasted Ranch Carrots


Asparagus Casserole

While green bean casserole tends to be a holiday favorite of most it’s also nice to have a fresh take on it. When I say this asparagus casserole recipe, it was an aha moment for sure. I love asparagus paired with ham and this takes it to a new level.

Asparagus Casserole



While most people love getting creative with their Easter desserts, I tend to err on the side of simplicity after making all of my other dishes so I go with a simple crowd favorite of Grasshopper pie.

HOWEVER, I know that our contributor Rose is finding some other fun Easter dessert recipes so be on the lookout for those soon!



Or if you’re not cooking Easter dinner this year and instead just want to try some fun snacks check out these suggestions from Diana.



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