Being REAL about Coronavirus. My Thoughts as It’s Progressed.

“People are freaking out about the coronavirus. Stock up on tuna fish, peanut butter and water.”

That was a text message from my mother about stocking up my pantry.

My text back:

“My family would rather die of starvation than eat tuna fish.”

I guess my mom didn’t think that was funny.

I’ll admit, I’m a bit cavalier about the coronavirus… And I’m trying to pass that attitude along to my three kids; Cameron 13, Audrey 8 and Lexi 6.

Lexi is ambivalent. I tell her to wash her hands… She says fine and goes on her way.

Audrey and Cameron are a bit more concerned.

I watch the news a lot in my house and I allow my children to watch it as well. As I’m sure you know, the media has been going out-of-control nutso over the coronavirus. Every single angle you can even imagine has been covered to exhaustion.

Cameron has been paying attention since the beginning… Back then, I was able to say, CHILL OUT… There are no cases anywhere near us… You’re fine.

Now that there are cases in Hillsborough County… I cannot do this.

However, I have told him what the CDC says, that kids have a very slight chance of getting it… And even if they do, it’s like the flu. It sucks for a few days but then you’ll be fine.

That seems to pacify him.

Not Audrey.

Audrey asks about Mommy and Daddy. What if we get it? We’re not young (thanks Audrey), are we at higher risk?

I tell her, Mommy and Daddy are both very healthy and will be fine.

How about Gama and Papa? They’re old… Would they be fine?

I tell her that MOST people who are going to come down with this virus are going to be okay.

But then we’re watching Nightly News (yes, I know… TURN OFF THE DARN NEWS!) and she hears about the death toll in China… And more deaths popping up in the U.S.

I don’t really have an answer.

I just tell her that we all must be really smart and wash our hands a lot and stay away from sick people.

As I’m telling her this, she’s twisting and pulling the gum in her mouth.

THAT right there! You gotta stop things like that! Throw it away!

Audrey looks at me in horror.

I guess my point is, when it comes to discussing the coronavirus with children, it depends on the child. But Evelyn does have some helpful hints in her article.

Do they need zero information? A little information? Or every single tidbit you could possibly force down their throats?

You know your child better than anyone… So you can decide.

However, I think the one thing we can all agree on… Is TURN OFF THE DARN NEWS!

Laura likes to run. She uses it as an excuse to escape her 12, 7 and 5-year-old kids. Cameron, Audrey, and Lexi are amazing but exhausting. Fortunately, Laura’s partner in crime, Craig is pretty amazing himself. They’ve been married too many years to count and moved to Riverview when it was still cows in pastures. Laura worked for 18 years in television news, most recently as Executive Producer of Fox 13’s Good Day Tampa Bay, before taking the leap to the Hillsborough County School District where she works in Communications. Laura’s pet peeves include the use of “lol” and people who wear Crocs.