Darn you, Taylor Swift!

Darn you Taylor Swift. Darn you.

Let me begin my admitting, yes, I am a Taylor Swift fan.. And if she weren’t coming in concert on Halloween…HALLOWEEN… I would be bopping along like a 13 year old to all of her awesome songs…

I love you Taylor!

But right now, she’s not my favorite person.

It’s because of something she posted on her Instagram feed.

Yes, I follow her Instagram feed.

Anyway, I feel the need to preface this by saying – I do not want any more children.

I have three.

That’s plenty.

More than enough, actually..

And, since my last darling daughter was born, I NEVER felt the need to create, carry or birth a baby again.

I look at pregnant women in pity…

Their swollen fingers.. Miserable charley horses… and uncontrollable gas.

But, something Taylor posted to her Instagram made my ovaries flutter.. just a little bit.

She posted a short video of her putting her hand on a pregnant friend’s belly.. and feeling the baby kick.



I hated every moment of being pregnant.. except for one.

Feeling that baby gently move inside me.

I’m not talking about the massive punches to the kidneys that happen in that 8th month..

I’m talking about the loving thumps around month 6 and a half..

I used to love taking my husband’s hand and placing it on my belly.. hoping the baby would give him a little kick… and he would feel the life we created moving inside me.


I hate you Taylor Swift.. for making me me miss pregnancy, even just a little bit.

I was doing just fine looking at pregnant women in pity.. horror, even.

But now.. Now, I don’t know.

Don’t get me wrong – I’m not having another baby…

The Wonderful Vasectomy Doctor has made that impossible anyway…

But now… Maybe, just maybe… I have regained a little appreciation for the miracle of life…

And a little wistfulness that those days are behind me.

Darn you, Taylor Swift. Darn you.


Laura likes to run. She uses it as an excuse to escape her 12, 7 and 5-year-old kids. Cameron, Audrey, and Lexi are amazing but exhausting. Fortunately, Laura’s partner in crime, Craig is pretty amazing himself. They’ve been married too many years to count and moved to Riverview when it was still cows in pastures. Laura worked for 18 years in television news, most recently as Executive Producer of Fox 13’s Good Day Tampa Bay, before taking the leap to the Hillsborough County School District where she works in Communications. Laura’s pet peeves include the use of “lol” and people who wear Crocs.


  1. I never liked any of my pregnancies, 5 of them were full of just plain UGH, but I did see the Instagram post so I have to admit I agree with you.

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