First Day Back To School Success!

backtoschoolEveryone, even your kids, are anxiously awaiting the first day back to school. Maybe some more than other but, nonetheless, they are excited, nervous, anxious as well they should be! So why make everyone stress more about it! Here are 5 tips on how to make that first day back at school a success for everyone!

1. Plan, prep and prepare…Have a game plan! We have been back to school shopping for the last month. Whether you are planning lunches, planning outfits, or prepping for breakfast, it’s always good to have a game plan. Use a whiteboard or chalkboard that is easily visible for your plan…what’s for breakfast, what’s going on after school, what’s for dinner. The less surprises, the better. And now everyone is on the same page!

2. T’was the night before the first day if school… My backpacks are by the door. Lunches are 80% packed. Breakfast table is set. Coffee is only a button push away. Clothes are laid out. Accessories and hair has already been decided upon. These are all things that don’t take long to do the night before and can make such a difference when getting your kids out the door in the morning.

3. Plan a little surprise in the AM. Do your kids like a special breakfast? Did you write a note in their lunch? Did you happen to find a special something that wanted to wear on the first day, but didn’t tell them you bought it? Surprise them and make them feel special as today is their big day!

4. Get up early. DO NOT RUSH. My son does not like to be late, so I have made it a point to never rush out the door, and speed to school to avoid the tardy. It makes the start of his day that much more relaxed if we are all on time to school.

5. Know your kids’ trigger buttons. If you know your children’s trigger buttons, anticipate them so you can have their full cooperation. In our house, we don’t turn on the TV during school day mornings. We talk, listen to the radio and communicate about what still needs to be done before we all walk out the door. It’s a small thing, but I’m also not in competition with the TV while I need their full attention on getting ready.

I have 3 kids to get out the door each morning as well as a baby to tag along. These are some of my personal tips, but I am always looking for more good ideas! Let us know some ways you’ve made the first day back to school a success in your house!

Marisa Langford a local Tampa mother to 4 kids under 8. She founded the Fit Kids Playground Project in Tampa, FL in 2008 because she felt kids needed to know that play is a way to keep their bodies healthy. Her mission, simply put: Real Kids. Real Change. Really Simple. Through the online resources and community events that are produced by Fit Kids Playground, kids and families are encouraged to live healthier lives. Currently, she is a We Can!* Community Leader for the NHLBI, a Truck Farm fleet operator for Truck Farm Tampa and Food Revolution Ambassador for Jamie Oliver. Marisa has also received national recognition for her work as the 2012 award winner of the President’s Council on Fitness, Sports and Nutrition- Community Leader Award. Fit Kids Playground was also awarded the 2011 & 2012 We Can!* National Assistance Grant for the Playin’ In The Park project in the Tampa Bay area. She was named finalist for the 2012 Tampa Bay Business Journal Business Woman of the Year as well as a finalist for the 2011 Tampa Bay Business Journal Up & Comer award, all for her Fit Kids Playground project. She has also successfully secured over $30,000 in grants and private funding to help keep her community project alive! She is an active Mom on a mission.


  1. Great post, Marisa! Gracie starts school next week for the first time and she is excited but I am a bit anxious! Our school has the drop off system, where parents don’t get out of the car… any suggestions on preparing for that?

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