Am I Addicted to Multi-level Marketing (MLMs)? Do I Need Help?


How it started

Am I addicted to MLMs? I was sucked into my first MLM with a makeup selling company when I was in my early 20’s. I had an office job and the women were all older than me and used the products and it seemed like a no-brainer. I mean, I had three customers I saw daily. I had plans about the brochures and parties. I think I sold four things.

That makeup adventure lead to the other makeup company while working at the hospital (hello potential customers!) At this point I had gotten married and had a baby girl. I needed to show her how mama hustles and is a #bossbabe, right? Because being a wife, working mother outside the home wasn’t enough? (eye roll so hard)

Oh, it goes on!

After the birth of my third child, I did the workout MLM complete with the shakes. (drinking shakes not body shakes) I should add, I sold maybe $200 in all of these combined. I am not a salesperson. But I love the idea that I can make up to one million dollars with my phone and a laptop while I sit and lovingly watch my children play. I like free vacations and cars but I don’t like pushing things onto people. Or talking to random strangers. 

I also sold the skincare stuff, which I never peddled because, at this point, I figured out that I don’t have that MLM gene. I just loved the products and I still use them.

Oh, it’s still going on!

So there is a new makeup company I keep eyeing and toying with. But I already signed up with another one, that isn’t makeup related. But that makeup company (that I haven’t even used!) is looking really appealing. So I’m up to 5 MLM companies (4 past, one current) and eyeing another one. And once the one I am currently doing can pay for the opt-in fee for the makeup company I may start that one too! At this point I should apologize to my husband, because I never told him of my addiction and he is now finding out if he reads this. (And since I give him the stink eye whenever I have a post come out-the odds are good he will. Pray for me!) 

Yes, I know it’s annoying

I never reached out to my old high school friends and asked them to buy from me. I have had that happen and I know its annoying. I see those multiple times a day posts and find them annoying too. So, I never did that either. My approach was, to not tell people and hope it came up naturally in conversation so I could say, “oh girl I’ve got just the thing for you!’ But the flaw came when I realized that I don’t see many other women in my day.

Even as I type this, I am making an annoying post for the MLM I’m currently pushing. But this one is a new product, not like the others.

So, my name is Brandi and I am an MLM addict and I don’t think I need help?

Editor’s note: Brandi may need help 🙂